What games of the Premier League has caused the greatest interest among fans: unexpected data

Какие матчи УПЛ вызвали наибольший интерес у болельщиков: неожиданные данные

In the season 2018/2019 was a lot of fundamental oppositions, which caused an increased interest among fans.

Analyzing the number and volume predictions for each game of the championship, analysts Favorit Sport was the top of the most high-profile matches. It is noteworthy that all of them are connected with the direct participation of “Shakhtar” and “Dynamo”. So, for the 100% rating was taken with a “hipoly” match of the season, from the point of view of the activity of the fans version of the Favorit Sport.

6. “Shakhtar” – “Desna”, October 19, 2018. Score: 1:0

Rating is 50%. The entire second half “the gums” were in the majority, thanks to the removal of Kayode, and at the end of the match Maicon’s space with a shot from a free kick brought victory to Shakhtar.

5. Zorya – Dynamo, September 16, 2018. Score: 1:1

The rating is 55%. In Kiev observed the game crisis, and “dawn” on the right could count on the glasses. And if not for a super goal Sidorova and saves Boyko, the team (then Yuri Vernidub) and all could win.

4. Lviv – Dynamo, July 28, 2018. Score: 0:1

Rating – 60%. Guys Bakalov gave a real battle of the “white-blue”. Dynamo was very difficult in that match. Lviv survived 90 minutes, but Nazar Rusin, who came on as a substitute in the 91st minute, scored his first goal for the residents and brought a victory “Dynamo”.

3. Oleksandriya – Dynamo, 25 Nov 2018. Score: 2:1

The rating is 65%. It was a match for the title of winter Vice-champion. The thrill of the game is not inferior to the opposition of “Shakhtar” – “Dynamo”. Tsurikov scored his former club and showed, in Kiev was wrong about him. Verbychi once again distinguished by the head and nearly saved “Dynamo”, but Zaporozhan with a penalty brought such an important victory “Alexandria”.

2. Dynamo – Zorya, 25 Feb 2019. Score: 5:0

A rating is 70%. Before the match many predicted, but it was not in sight. Vernidub team were the whipping boys. It is noteworthy that in this match Fran Sol scored his first and only goal for “Dinamo” in the championship of the country.

The first row of top divided between four meetings between Dynamo and Shakhtar in the Premier League. Each of the matches by more than a third ahead of the second place. The largest, albeit by a small margin, from the point of view of the activity of the fans was the first game of the season between the rivals, which took place on 3 August 2018.

1. Dynamo – Shakhtar, 3 August 2018. Score: 1:0

A rating of 100%. Probably the fans are so missed football and believed in the power of their teams that this match became the most popular on the number and volume forecasts. And the atmosphere in the game was still one of the fans massively protested against FFU (remember all the rolls of toilet paper), the discontent of the players and the fans of “Dynamo” against “traitor” Moraes, and the winning goal Verbicha – again head.