What good is a springless mattress?

Чем хорош беспружинный матрас?

Never in the history of man has not had the opportunity to sleep with such comfort and health benefits as it is today. Springless mattresses is something mundane, but not everyone can immediately understand why they are needed and what are their advantages.

Features springless mattresses

Decent selection of orthopedic springless mattresses can be found by clicking on the link https://come-for.com/matrasy/bespruzhinnye/. Here are collected the model from the company Kom-Fort, which is on the market of Ukraine for 15 years. It is important to note that the absence of metal parts does not deprive these products of high degrees of rigidity and elasticity. This is achieved by inclusion in their multi-layered composition of modern materials, natural or synthetic origin, namely, latex coconut coir, polyurethane foam, an innovative foam Foam Mono and some other.

In comparison with spring mattresses, springless have the following advantages:

  • less weight;
  • they have no parts that inevitably accumulate the electric charge;
  • quiet;
  • the lack of hard edges;
  • great portability, as some models can be minimized.

What else is good springless mattresses Kom-Fort

Among springless mattresses offered by the company Kom-Fort, there are different products that can satisfy the most diverse individual needs. This section presents mattresses:

  • orthopedic – provides smooth, correct position of the spine;
  • anatomical – perhaps not with pinpoint accuracy receiving the body shape of a man sleeping that relaxes the entire muscular system and skeleton;
  • a high degree of rigidity capable of withstanding loads of up to 160 kg on a single bed.

There is a range of Come-and as For tech products. For example, they may be different zones of hardness from 1 to 7.

Thanks to this feature, a few years ago available only in spring mattresses, more perfectly distributed load, which allows the individual to awaken in good health and spirits.

Speaking not only as a seller but also the manufacturer, the company Kom-Fort, assures customers of the excellent quality of mattresses and makes everything possible so that the price was affordable, even when they are delivered to the stores partners.

Buy springless mattress, and if you want all additional products to it – the mattress pad, blankets, pillows and bed linen in a few clicks.

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