What goods most of all, Ukraine exported in 2019: list

Какие товары Украина больше всего экспортировала в 2019 году: список

In 2019 most of all, Ukraine exported products of agro-industries. The championship got corn by 5.2 billion dollars.

Trade representative of Ukraine Taras Kachka in Facebook said that in General, Ukrainian producers sold abroad 32 million tons of corn. This figure is 11 million tonnes more than in 2018.

Most corn, Ukraine exported to the EU – 15 million tonnes. In China sold about 4.2 million tons, and in Egypt is 3.8 million tons. In monetary terms, the exports of maize grew by $ 1.7 billion.

Products that Ukraine exported the most in 2019: list

  1. Corn – 5.2 billion;
  2. Sunflower oil and 3.78 billion;
  3. Wheat – 3,65 billion dollars;
  4. Pellets from iron ore to $ 1.6 billion;
  5. Concentrates-iron – 1.42 billion dollars;
  6. Iron cables – 1.32 billion dollars;
  7. Semifinished products of carbon steel rolled or obtained by continuous casting – of 1.29 billion dollars;
  8. The rape of 1.26 billion dollars;
  9. Soy beans, 1.16 billion dollars;
  10. Cake of sunflower seeds – 0,975 billion dollars.

Sunflower oil is the most sold in India, the EU and China. Wheat Ukraine exported to Turkey, Bangladesh and Egypt.

Kachka noted that in the top 100 of goods in 10 digits are present and the value-added products: cars, telephones and engines.

Interesting! In General, Ukraine in 2019 exported goods for more than $ 50 billion and imported almost $ 61 billion. Key trading partners of Ukraine were China, Russia and Germany, the volume of trading which amounted to more than 28% of the total. The list of key trading partners of Ukraine to 2019 – search for the link.