What happened on the evening of 6 December Zelensky live and dispute Naftogaz with Gazprom

Что произошло вечером 6 декабря - Зеленский в прямом эфире и спор Нафтогаза с Газпромом

The President of Ukraine for the first time in history came to direct the broadcast of a political talk show Savik Shuster’s “Freedom of speech”. Predictably, on the eve of the meeting of the Normandy four Zelensky said about the Donbass. The President said a lot and the case, not pouring water into words. For example, the fact that he goes to Paris to negotiate the exchange of prisoners and ceasefire. “There are lists agreed, and there are lists of inconsistent….The second cease-fire and who is responsible,” he said.

The wall with the Donbas is not an option for Zelensky, but it already is. “I’ve spoken to, they say, for example, if you do not agree what are your plans? Wall? I don’t want to talk about these politicians. I say now that there is no wall? It is, she’s alive and killing people. A mine wall. And the worst – mental wall,” said the President.

Elections in Donbas possible 31 October 2020, with local elections in Ukraine after the withdrawal of armed groups. “My position is very simple – at the time of elections in the temporarily occupied Donetsk and Lugansk, Ukraine needs to control the border,” – said Zelensky. “Westie” specially collected for you the main theses of the President.

The Cabinet of Ministers has developed a mechanism that will allow you to reduce the amount of payments of Ukrainians for housing and communal services 30%. This was stated by Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk. According to him, more than 60% of payments are apartment buildings heat and hot water. The tariff has two components – the price of heat (where about 80% of the price of gas) and consumption.

As noted Goncharuk, to reduce the tariff, it is necessary to reduce consumption by using thermal modernization and energy conservation. Read more…

The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe urged the authorities of Ukraine to immediately review the adopted Poroshenko law on the state language – the one he’s so proud of. In particular, the Commission recommends to prepare and adopt a new law, abandoning an existing one. “Experts of the Council of Europe urged Ukraine without delay, to prepare a law on national minorities, and until that time to postpone the implementation of the articles already adopted law on language”, – stated in the Venice Commission, stressing that the current law could be “a source of ethnic tension”.

At the same time, representatives of the Commission realize that the Ukrainian language must not lose the status of state. However, they stressed that the law on minorities had to train from the beginning to provide the necessary balance. For this, the Commission has submitted several concrete proposals for the Ukrainian authorities.

Residents of Hyderabad, India, EN masse, greeted by the local police, when that in the course of the investigative experiment shot and killed four men suspected of the rape and murder of a local resident. The murder happened in November, but only on Thursday in Hyderabad was found the body of 27-year-old girl. The suspects were detained the same day.

Suspect show your charges, and on Friday they were taken to the scene to conduct an investigative experiment. They were killed when they tried to snatch weapons from the police and hide. The local population came to the delight of such news.