What happened to them, killed them, Barbra Streisand commented on the film about Jackson

То, что с ними произошло, не убило их, – Барбра Стрейзанд прокомментировала фильм о Джексоне

Recognition of adult men who in childhood had experienced violence from the king of pop Michael Jackson, continue to comment on the stars of show business. Someone claims that this is slander, someone says he doesn’t want to believe it, but there are celebrities who do not see this as a fault of Jackson’s. So, the 76-year-old Barbra Streisand couldn’t resist commenting on the film “Leaving Neverland”.

Scandal round a documentary about the king of pop Michael Jackson has been simmering for several months. The opinions of celebrities about the version of the Wade Robson and James Savchuka markedly divided, some believe their story, others are asking themselves why they didn’t mention that before. However, the American actress Barbra Streisand commented on this situation as a minor during an interview for The Times of London. About it reports The Hollywood Reporter.

She stated that she believes in all admitted Wade Robson and James Savchuk. However, she says that they did wrong, accusing him of all mortal sins after his death, because by doing so they put an end to his musical legacy.

He was very sweet and touchingly childish person. And his sexual needs was his sexual needs that are affected by or the events of his childhood, or DNA. Yes, you can say, “he molested him.” But you have heard that saying Robson and Savchuk: they were happy to be there with Michael. Now they are both married, they have kids. What happened to them, not killed them. They’re okay,
said Streisand.

After that, Barbra Streisand added that in all that happened to them in childhood, they can only blame parents. Since she can’t understand how they allowed their children to be there with Michael Jackson, not even knowing what he needed.

То, что с ними произошло, не убило их, – Барбра Стрейзанд прокомментировала фильм о Джексоне

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