What happens if at night you put garlic under your pillow

Что произойдет, если на ночь класть чеснок под подушку

People regularly consume garlic, as it can treat large number of diseases: embolism, alopecia, liver disease, colds, flu, breathing problems…the garlic Clove under the pillow – and sleep is strong, and the aura cleaned! A clove of garlic under my pillow – and sleep is strong, and the aura cleaned!

So where does the night-garlic-pillow?

– and here at what: it is believed that garlic is not only strong medicine, and magic!

the classic method is to put on a saucer beside the bed peeled cloves of garlic to kill the germs. If it’s microbial to cope, and with the evil eye (negative someone else’s energy) – and even more so!

for good luck, for example, you can wear a clove of garlic around in your pocket or bag when you go to important business negotiations, interviews, to the Bank, where else the people on the important things go?!

garlic removes negative vitality, so it is believed – put the garlic under the pillow – and sleep will be strong and negative, just go away!

Method effective – just try it and see – you’ll sleep soundly, like a baby, wakes up cheerful, the purity of the soul will feel!