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Що станеться, якщо їсти печериці щодня - 24 Канал

According to scientists, daily consumption of mushrooms reduces the risk of developing diabetes of the second type.

This was stated by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, reports “the Country of health”.

They conducted a study on rodents, during which watched two groups of animals with normal weight.

Mice from one group were bacteria in the gut, and the other was not. All animals received daily mushrooms in a dose, which corresponded to 85 grams of product for a person.

It turned out that the consumption of mushrooms increased concentration of bacteria of the genus Prevotella of the microorganisms that produce the elements that play an important role in managing production of glucose in the body.

Control of these bacteria to reduce the risk of development of type II diabetes and other metabolic diseases. Now the researchers plan to repeat the experiment on mice with excess weight, and in the future to conduct the same study with the participation of the people.

Що станеться, якщо їсти печериці щодня - 24 Канал

Daily consumption of mushrooms reduces the risk of diabetes type 2

What is diabetes?This is a group of endocrine diseases, developing as a result of absolute or relative insufficiency of insulin, the emergence of insulin resistance, causing hyperglycemia — persistent increase in the level of glucose in the blood.

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