What happens in a year, if you completely stop drinking alcohol

Что произойдет через год, если полностью перестать употреблять алкоголь

Alcohol is not just harmful, but destructive habit. Dependence on alcohol jeopardizes all human life. As well as its implementation, plans and dreams, relationships with loved ones. But first his mental and physical health. If you took a firm decision to quit drinking, this is very important for many reasons.

To stop drinking alcohol difficult, especially if addiction has already formed. Yes, it is sometimes difficult and the person who has the habit to drink. So, if you feel that you can handle too hard and the risk of relapse is great, don’t hesitate to seek help from the doctor, loved ones, or anonymous groups of addicted. Receive positive emotions in all possible “soft” ways. We make this process contribution, describing how to change the state of your body, if you will not drink alcohol throughout the year.

1. The first or second day

During this period, the liver is most active, splitting the decay products of alcohol and removing it from the blood. Gradually returning to normal blood pressure, the amount of glucose in the blood, and temperature. At this time, due to the decrease in the level of hormones of joy you’ll want to eat something sweet. You can afford it, but should not be abused. It is advisable to stay on the fruit.

2. Three days

If you do not suffer from alcohol addiction and just decided to quit drinking, at about this time, the body returns to its usual mode of operation. Gradually start to leave nervousness, irritability, normalized sleep. People who suffered from severe alcohol intoxication can be stored in such symptoms as headache and nausea.

3. Week

After a week without alcohol, you will feel like in place of the lethargy and sleepiness that comes a sense of vitality and emotional recovery. You will feel more energetic, go swelling, more noticeable on the face. But the craving to drink will gradually weaken. It is not excluded, what exactly during this time, you will be strengthened in his decision to give up drinking alcohol, because to fully get a feel for how good it is to live a sober life.

4. A month

If you stayed in for a month and haven’t touched a drop, I have to congratulate you. Your liver will return to normal. And if you were overweight (which is characteristic of people drinking, because alcohol is very high in calories), it is very likely that you will lose weight by 5-6 pounds. Besides normal work of the cardiovascular system and lungs. In particular disappears shortness of breath, and sexual attraction, on the contrary, is returned.

5. Year

Provided that during the year you didn’t touch it, all the functions of your body will be restored. Of course, the degree of recovery will depend on the previous experience of the use of alcohol. To return to a fully healthy state can be a speech if the person was not serious and lengthy addiction with heavily. In other cases, you may need medical support, rehabilitation and treatment activities. But what you will return to a normal healthy life, if you decide to stop drinking, no doubt!