What happens to a person infected with rabies

Что происходит с человеком, заразившимся бешенством

Rabies, otherwise rabies or hydrophobia, is one of the most dangerous infectious diseases. To date, the disease is almost incurable. If a person has symptoms, then it is doomed. In the old days the cause of the disease was seen to be possessed by demons – hence the name.

What happens to the person who got rabies?

The incubation period

The source of the deadly infection are sick dogs, cats, raccoons, bats, etc. to Infect humans, they can bite it or just dropping saliva. From this time until the appearance of the first symptoms is from 10 days to 3 months. All this time the person feels well.

The early period

The first signs of illness are fever, develop runny nose, cough, the patient is tormented by a fever, had a bad sleep and General depression. Overall, very similar to the usual symptoms of SARS. Cause for concern should be what really hurts the bite, even if it has long healed. This period lasts from one to three days.

Period aggression

It was at this time the person begins to behave like crazy. Feelings of depression and anxiety is replaced by bouts of violence and aggression. Patient annoying: bright light, noise, he cannot bear to hear the murmur of the water, to see her, so the disease is also called hydrophobia. In addition to developing hydrophobia aerophobia – the wind generate rage and fear. There is an incredible power, the patient is capable of bending metal bars and breaking furniture. Bouts of violence are replaced by convulsions. However, sometimes an accident comes to life and behaves quite adequately – until the next breath of wind or a flash of bright light. During this period, gradually developing paralysis of the pharynx. The patient is unable to swallow saliva all the time he has to spit. This stage lasts up to four days.

Period paralysis (directly rabies)

The behavior becomes completely inadequate. Occurs a perverted appetite, man eats completely inedible and dangerous substances. Face distorted by paralysis of the muscles, the lower jaw droops, the patient pays no attention to the profuse salivation. In fact, as a person in this time he no longer exists. Fortunately, this nightmare continues for long. After one or two days a person dies from asphyxiation because of paralysis of respiratory muscles.

The atypical course of the disease

Sometimes, however, it happens that the stage of aggression and rage do not exist, and the disease gradually moves from the first stage to paralysis. Described and even more unusual cases where the incubation period lasted for years, and the disease suddenly woke up due to shock or falling from a tree.

How to escape

Today there is only one way of salvation of rabies vaccinations. If you are bitten by a dog or another animal, you should immediately consult a doctor and take the full course of vaccination. Effective treatments for rabies at the stage of clinical signs of the disease does not exist today. However, in 2005, teenage girl Gina GIS (USA) have recovered from rabies without vaccination. It was applied the treatment with the help of an artificial coma. But this method leads to success only in one case out of twenty.