What happens to the body when a person eats ice cream

Что происходит с организмом, когда человек ест мороженое

Look fat? Slimming? Cool? Or helps to cope with PMS?

When the thermometer rises, the urge to buy a delicious ice cream or Italian Gelato increases. However, ending the dessert immediately, but the guilt remains for a long time. Is it worth lamenting?

First basic knowledge. Ice cream is made on the basis of water or milk, so you should consider what type to choose in accordance with our appetites, preferences and common sense. The first sorbets, their composition is 85-90% water. The second – cream, a creamier texture, cook them in cream, milk, yoghurt or other victoirelatahm. As for use – both will be about equal. However, in different volume: a creamy more calories (200-250 calories per a hundred grams) to contrast with the sorbet (about a hundred). In addition, any dessert contains additional ingredients that make it more delicious and appetizing, but affect the composition and energy value. This is cocoa, nuts, fruit concentrates, sweeteners, syrups, these supplements (not the ice cream base itself) make it more or less nutritious.

Those who adhere to a particular eating plan or closely following the diet, you must understand that the random ice cream cone once a week, of course, will not disturb your dietary balance. But if the thought of calories still does not rest, bet for sorbet (not necessarily without sugar unless you are diabetic). The second “diet” option – ice cream made with milk, not cream, or cream with skim milk with no additives. Ensure that in its composition was not harmful fat type are palm oil. Many confuse the concept of “no sugar” and “no fat” to keep yourself in shape, you need to delete the first, but not necessarily the second.

Speaking of the Sahara: some manufacturers often substitute sugar for stevia is harmless, which is 130 times sweeter than regular sugar, but it is harmless to the body. However, in the environment of nutritionists are of the opinion (very easy to check for yourself) that, despite his qualities, stevia does not satisfy our sugar addiction. And after you have eaten this ice cream, you’ll want another, and another, and another…

What ice cream swollen?

Bloating can be caused by many factors, but we often tend to associate it with food. And, alas, ice cream is among such provocateurs. Most of us with age begin to experience lactose intolerance (according to some estimates, about 75% of people on the planet), and it is not necessary for this to cover spots and choke. Experiment and watch what happens to the body when you eat ice cream? Bloating can be a symptom of a food Allergy. So, ice cream and milk is contraindicated. Only ice or coconut-based.

What kind of ice cream energizes?

Sorbets usually contain more sugar than cream products. This is due to the work of the receptors. To enhance the flavor (in other words, you tasted ice cream), “water” requires more glucose than “milk”. But it is not so critical: it is known that sugar in a certain amount for our body required, as it helps to gain instant energy. Therefore, to quickly cheer up, you can afford fruit ice or sherbet. On the other hand, ice cream is a source of calcium and fat-soluble vitamins, and, say, walnut Supplement will give the body fiber, natural power.

How ice cream affects our mood?

Calcium and phosphorus can influence not only bone health, but also on the mood of a woman. This is due to hormonal disruptions during menstrual cycles. Simply put, this is a great way to cope with emotional swings during PMS. Another bonus is the stimulation of the hormone thrombotonin, lowering stress levels in the body. And milk contains L-tryptophan, a natural sedative. It helps to relax the nervous system and to prevent insomnia. Favorite TV series a bit of sugar with ice cream? Not such a bad idea!