What happens to the body when you eat radishes

Что происходит с телом, когда вы едите редис

With the arrival of the warm season on the shelves of markets and shops begin to appear on products that are popular among those who are watching their health. One of the most vitamin is the radish. And what properties keeps popular roots – tried to figure out Sputnik.

Radishes with a plus sign

The composition of the radish justifies its popularity in the period of spring avitaminosis. The vegetable is rich in vitamins B, PP, C, as well as nutrient sodium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and other essential substances. There are the radishes and fiber, protein and essential oils that contribute to weight loss. Besides, the calorie content of the root is just ridiculous – only 15 calories per 100 grams, so it can be safely included in a diet diet.

It is worth noting that radish – brave fighter of colds that are responsible for immunity. Useful vegetable for women’s health, as it includes a large amount of folic acid. In the fight against beriberi, root has all kinds of records – about 250 grams of radish can provide the body with the daily allowance of ascorbic acid.

Radish also reduces the level of sugar in the blood and raises hemoglobin. And fiber, which is part of it, removes cholesterol and triggers intestinal tract, because of which the vegetable becomes a product for everyone who suffers from overweight and struggling with diabetes.

Famous for radish and for its diuretic effect and also helps to combat puffiness. And in General it is very good for the liver and kidneys. The use of the radish is and help the cardiovascular system.

Radishes with a minus sign

Like any other product, radish has a number of contraindications. For example, it is impossible to use for people with a bad thyroid, because its abuse can lead to the formation of tumors.

Banned radishes and for those who suffer from peptic ulcer disease. From radish should refrain in the period of acute diseases of the gall bladder, liver and duodenum.