What holiday is August 13: what must be done in this day

Какой праздник 13 августа: что обязательно нужно сделать в этот день

What needs to be done on this holiday that was celebrated by our ancestors.

On this day, the people revered the memory of St. Evdokim of the Cappadocians, the patron Saint of home and family. Other names of the holiday: Evdokim, “Evdokimova eve”, “the Conspiracy of harrow”. August 13 we had to talk to the harrow so that when the field work is not broken teeth, she stood up firmly in the middle of the field.

Traditionally, this day was starting fast, that is the last day before assumption of office, which lasts until August 27. This day should be to have fun, to dress, to sing, to dress up. Indeed, in the post you need to behave discreetly, and soon to be wedding period when you can find your soul mate.

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Evdokia consider family protector. Today can turn to him with a prayer to protect the family from disintegration, ask about the health of all native land and of fidelity to a spouse.

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Women need to go to Church, put candles for health of relatives and a large candle to light for the repose of the dead relatives. Then you should visit the graves of parents, grandparents, put on each a piece of cake.

Even today, there was the custom of harrow the harrow so that when the field work did not break the teeth. There is a saying that if today is okay to work in the winter not starve.

Folk omens on 13 August

But this day need to be very careful because there is a very big possibility that you can do the worst damage. However, the evil eye can save himself. It is necessary to take in the morning, a red woolen thread, three times, wrap it around your wrist. Then the thread should be dipped in Holy water and wrap around your hand again with the words:

“The red thread, defend, damage glazovoy me to take. The Holy water you have been, force in itself, it combines with me to share it, from the evil of my eye I protect. Amen.” This thread need to go a day and not to shoot. In the morning it burned in a furnace.

Какой праздник 13 августа: что обязательно нужно сделать в этот день