What holiday is on June 29: what must be done in this day

Какой праздник 29 июня: что обязательно нужно сделать в этот день

What needs to be done on this holiday that was celebrated by our ancestors.

In the Orthodox calendar is the day of commemoration of St. Tikhon, Bishop of Amafuntskogo. Other names of the holiday: “the Day of Tikhon,” “Tikhon cleanup”, “Uteshitel”. On this day, Tikhon pray those who are in need of comfort, something scared, excited or who is suffering from toothache. From 29 June to finish any planting.

Our ancestors had a custom to put on this day, the lush tables for the workers, who were invited to fertilize the land with manure. The work is hard and dirty, so the workers were treated. And it was a way to help poor families to earn and to rest a little together with all at the table.

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Folk omens on June 29

For girls there was an interesting ritual. It was believed that if at 12 at night they were naked obegal vegetable beds and even begin their weed, it will help to protect the crops from diseases and pests.

St. Tikhon to pray for a good harvest. People who have a toothache, asking him to ease the pain. If the child is very frightened, the mother can pray to the Saint to help to comfort the child’s soul. The child should be dressed up in white shirt, take to the water three times to wash and pray Tikhon. Then the shirt must be rinsed in water and for the child to wear to it it has dried up. Then the fears should go away.

Definitely pietrosita today bed, clean pillows, wash or veverite blankets, send something to the dry cleaner, and the bed a good wash. It is believed that the way to shake out the bed linen the whole laziness that has accumulated over the years. It prevents after sleep to be alert. According to accept, the next day you will be full of strength and energy.

Often in this day conducting love rituals and ceremonies, recite charms to attract halves and Vice versa, to weaken a romantic feeling. If a girl bothers your love some guy, it is possible to get rid of his feelings. For this today we need to wear a bag, make twine from his belt and go to the tree with the feminine energy. Such trees usually are aspen, cherry, birch, or cherry. It is important that a tree falling in the moonlight. Tree need to embrace and murmur: “Bag wearing, servant of God (name of man) tired. Cease to love, cease to follow me around. Stay away from me, another will snap”. Then the string to hang on tree branch and say: “Even the rope ladies to found a girl there. Away from me, and as early as possible. Amen.” To leave, not looking back.

Какой праздник 29 июня: что обязательно нужно сделать в этот день

Какой праздник 29 июня: что обязательно нужно сделать в этот день