What holiday June 25: what not to do in this day

Какой праздник 25 июня: чего нельзя делать в этот день

That in no event it is impossible to do this festival celebrated by our ancestors.

In the Orthodox Church calendar is the feast day of St Peter the Athonite. Other names of the holiday: “Peter”, “Peter Fisher”, “Peter skit”, “letter to Perederni”, “Turn”. 25 Jun ends with the summer solstice. Begins heat, which is usually forty days. Gardeners in this day planted the last seedlings.

Peter was the head of the troops of the Emperor in Constantinople. And when was the war with the Syrians, he spent a long time in captivity and rethink his life, decided that it was God’s punishment. So I decided to post. And the saints helped him to leave prison, and he came to the borders of Greece. When Peter came to Rome, the Pope tonsured him a monk. Soon, at the behest of the virgin, Peter settled on mount Athos, and lived here until the end of his life.

What not to do on June 25

On this day, anglers should not eat fish during the fishing, because that’s when the fishing goes very bad. In fact, the day is filled with deceptions. Don’t spend your engagement or marriage. Also, do not speculate on the fate, because you can bring trouble.

Folk omens on June 25

Sayings and signs

  • Heavy dew – to the rich harvest.
  • In the rain clouds and white can go a grad.
  • Evening fog and lots of dew – the good weather will last long.
  • Peter Solstice the Sun turns to winter, and summer – heat.
  • If the day was clear, “red”, the mowing this year happen to be successful, “green”, if it was raining, and the hay will be wet, that is wet weather.
  • Wild geese and ducks on the river on the water with wings flapping, splashing and dive – to deposits.
  • Born June 25, will live a long and fruitful life.

Какой праздник 25 июня: чего нельзя делать в этот день