What holiday may 13: what not to do in this day

Какой праздник 13 мая: чего нельзя делать в этот день

In this celebration it is not recommended to go on a long trip.

This day is celebrated as national holiday Yakov Warm (old style – April 30). For believers of the Orthodox Church is the date of commemoration of the Apostle James, son of Zebedee, brother of Apostle John the theologian. The day is popularly called warm, because just in this period after a protracted cold was real heat near the summer.

Yakov Warm may 13: prohibitions and signs of the holiday

St. Jacob is the patron of the sheep. Therefore, it was thought that the prayers that they were carried out, fruitful and healthy – will take you directly to the ears of the Apostle. This day was not made to offend or be left hungry animals.

For Jacob had forbidden any manifestation of courtship, because the coming month of may was considered inappropriate for weddings and feasts. It is noteworthy that even the proposal of marriage made in the may days, was regarded as an insult to the bride and her family. Not thinking about those who do decide to marry and is preparing for the wedding. To our times preserved a saying: “In may to marry – all life to toil”.

The people born in may considered unhappy for similar reasons – “to be born in may – all life to toil”. These indications there is a simple explanation of home. The life of our ancestors was closely linked with nature, and from it depended. Such holidays as the birth and the wedding celebrated in Russia with special scope, because it was believed that the better covered Banquet tables, the happier and more prosperous in life is born or created family.

And in may we had the midst of agricultural operations. On this occasion, said, “One day maybe a year to feed.” It is clear that to miss the time for his celebrations, was impossible. Also, what kind of treats could be when all the meat was eaten at the Carnivore in Yes poslepechatnye days, and the corn left in the North.

Not recommended this holiday to go on a long trip, not a dip in the water from March snow, a specially laid for the occasion. According to legend, James the earth begin to ferment diseases, and to save them can only March water.

In this day, people watched the sunrise. If the sky was clean and clear, the summer was supposed to be Sunny. If the evening rising of the star and blows from the South the warm wind, the summer will be formidable, but warm and yielding.

Какой праздник 13 мая: чего нельзя делать в этот день

Какой праздник 13 мая: чего нельзя делать в этот день