What houses will repair in Kiev for 21.5 million UAH: look for your address

Какие дома отремонтируют в Киеве за 21,5 миллиона гривен: ищи свой адрес

In the Kiev residential buildings will be painted porches, replace Windows and repair the elevators. All this local government will spend UAH 21.5 mln. Residents of some homes are lucky – please read the Informant the Money.

Goloseevskiy district

Goloseevskaya str., 3: install metal doors, metal Windows, window sills and sinks, painting walls and ceilings, tiling floors and stairs with ceramic tiles, installation of ramp – 725 906 thousand UAH.

golosiyivskiy prosp., 46/1: replacement of Windows, installation of window sills, painting the walls – 812 144 thousand UAH.

Saksaganskogo str., 31, 85, 87: replacement of Windows and window drains – 585 337 thousand UAH.

St. Theodosia, 10 (entrance 1): replace transitional doors, installation of door closers, painting slopes – 585 606 thousand UAH.

For repair passenger and freight elevators in the residential district will spend 4.07 million UAH. The contractor will replace the car lift, sash doors, the button calls the Elevator, pulling cables, transformers, speed limiters etc. at the following houses:

Akademika Zabolotnogo St., 18 (entrance 1)

Antonovicha, 150 (entrance 1)

Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 124-A (entrance 1)

Avenue Valery Lobanovsky, 126 (entrance 1)

Lva Tolstogo str., 49 (entrance 2, 3)

lyatoshinskogo str, 14-A (entrance 8)

Marshala yakubovskogo, 4 (entrance 2)

Nikolsko-Botanical, 6/8 (entrance 2)

Darnitskiy district

verbitskogo str., 26 (under. 3): repair of lifting equipment (drive) – 4 883 thousand UAH.

Gogolevskaya str., 11a (1-4 entrances): fixation of input groups, laying tiles and paving slabs, fencing, ramp, grab bars, replacement of doors, Windows and window sinks, painting walls and ceilings 1 million 695 thousand UAH 471.

Desnyanskiy district

Lavrukhina str., 15/46: sealing of interpanel seams, repair roll roofing, replacement of pipes for cold water supply, installation of metal doors, repair concrete steps, paint the bars and fences – 726 thousand 753 UAH.

Mayakovskogo Ave., 81: sealing of interpanel seams, painting interior walls, ceilings, trash chute, the ends of staircases, skirting boards and doors, the connection of the hot water pipes to the network – 261 157 thousand UAH.

Kurskaya str., 1/10, 9: the repair of old and installation of new roll roofing, painting walls, ceilings, the ends of staircases, fences, tubes and batteries, sewer pipe replacement, connection of water pipes to the network – 528 251 thousand UAH.

Dniprovskiy district

General Vatutin prosp., 26: replacement of plastic Windows (32 PCs.), installation of window drains, painting of soffits – 580 thousand UAH.

Blvd. Darnitskiy, 19 (entrances 3, 4): set the new roll roofing – 78 thousand UAH.

St. Ivan Mykytenko, 11-A, 13: laying of new asphalt on the local area, the installation of curbs and concrete curbs – 1,1 million UAH.

Kurnatovskogo str., 15, 15-A, 28: repair of stairwells, replacement Windows, painting of walls, ceilings, doors, ends of stairs, tubes and batteries – 750 thousand UAH.

Blvd. Rusanovskoye, 11/11: replacement of pipes internal and external Sewerage, road resurfacing – 300 thousand UAH.

street of Enthusiasts, 9: sealing of interpanel seams, tapping facade tiles, repair plaster facades – 22 thousand UAH.

Krakovskaya, 18 (under. 3): repair of lift equipment, replacement of traction ropes, laying new wiring – 151 838 thousand UAH.

Svyatoshinskiy district

zhmerinskaya St., 18 (entrances 2, 3): repair of entrance groups, painting walls, ceilings, the ends of staircases, tubes and batteries, installation of fixtures, repair of roof covering, facade painting – 123 thousand 655 UAH.

Repair of elevators in residential buildings of the area will cost 9 million 084 thousand 728 UAH. The contractor will replace the car of the Elevator, speed limiters, cables, motor, light boards, sash doors, ringing camera, push-button control of the lift and building renovations will be held in the following homes:

Lesya Kurbasa str., 19/11

St. Nikolay Ushakov, 18

Pobedy, 93, 127, 144

Chernobyl St., 9-A, 11, 19