What houses will repair in the river for 16 million UAH: look for your address

Какие дома отремонтируют в Днепре за 16 миллионов гривен: ищи свой адрес

The municipality of the Dnieper announced new tenders for the repair of houses and landscaping of the adjacent territory. The total cost of all work – 16 million UAH. Residents of some areas will get lucky this time – please read the Informant the Money.

Novolaksky district

Over 194 thousand 772 UAH. near the apartment building on Avenue of Ivan Mazepa, 21 repair the area. In particular, it will be installed reinforced concrete fence and a new table with two benches.

Samara district

In the Samara region it is planned to mow the grass, weeds and quarantine plants. The services of the scythe will cost the city Council in 102 270 thousand UAH. Work will be performed exclusively by the manual trimmer. Just mowing 70 700 sq. m. grass on these streets:

street Dezhneva (near the store), str. Spring

str Karaganda

building Electric

street of Cosmonauts

Lesoparkovaya St.

St. Emelyanovich-Pavlenko

St. Severodonetsk (square)

St. Coastal (Playground, check-out)

St. Chaplinsky (memorial and surrounding area)

Green area near the monument at Molodogvardeyskaya

The green area on the street of Memories near the memorial

The green area on the street of the 20th anniversary of the Victory, 51

The green area on the street of the 20th anniversary of the Victory, 49

The square on St. apostolivs’kyi

The square on street of Cosmonaut Volkova

The square on Linden street

Square on the street Novgorod

Square on the street Semaphore

Pushkarskaya St. (Playground)

Exhibition St. (Playground)

The square on St. Agnes Barto, 19

The square on ul 20-letiya Pobedy (near Varus)

Tomsk St. (Playground)

St. Yaroslavna (Playground club “Mriya”)

Bogatyrskaya str (Playground)

St. Sergei Kulchytsky (playgrounds)

? The Cathedral district

The landscaping of the Playground near the apartment building on Avenue of Heroes, 46 will allocate 500 thousand UAH. The contractor will clear an area of 800 square meters and planted more than 200 trees and shrubs, including birch, spruce, thuja, barberry, juniper and miscanthus. At least half of the trees are large age 6 years, with preference given to plants that grew in the Dnepropetrovsk region for at least 3 years.

Repair of a facade of a house on St. Dmitry Yavornytsky, 6 will cost 9 million UAH. The contractor will postulatory and painted facades, repaired the balcony floor, hung gutters funnel and reflux, as well as stretch the led strip for building lighting. Work will be completed by the end of this year.

Near a residential house in the alley Crew, 2 W/m Falcon repair local area for 175 thousand 350 UAH. In particular, will lay new paving tiles (162 sqm), install concrete posts and railing.

Chachlowski district

Connection of drainage ditches to the existing sewer near houses No. 44 – No. 104 on St. will spend 6 million 086 268 thousand UAH. The contractor will pave steel water pipe and storm sewer pipe, install pumps for dewatering and drainage, will be equipped with manholes and storm-water inlets with a grate. At the end of repair work the contractor will plant 3 plane tree and sow the lawns.