What Igor Butman left his first wife?

Из-за чего Игорь Бутман бросил свою первую жену?

Saxophonist Igor Butman for the first time told why he broke up with his first wife, American Eileen.

The couple has been together since 1980. Butman almost immediately took a sweetheart offer of marriage, but the girl said that they are too young and refused.

In 1985, Eileen once again came to the USSR, and Butman at that time was already a respected and famous musician. Igor grew older and began to look much better. Then his girlfriend finally decided to marry. The couple went to America, where the artist took a good.

Igor Butman was married to an American for three years But after three years the couple parted. Igor admitted that they were too different to Eileen: and habits, and temperament.

The pair would often argue. The initiator of the break was Butman, and Eileen didn’t argue with him, as too intelligent.

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