What incentives are available in Ukraine for mothers of children with disabilities

Какие льготы предусмотрены в Украине для матерей детей с инвалидностью

In Ukraine, the rules of retirement for women with children with disabilities differ from the General. So, the Pension Fund of Ukraine reported that women who have children with disabilities and who raised them until at least the age of six years are entitled to retire at the age of 50 years subject to the availability of the insurance experience not less than 15 years.

It should be noted that children with disabilities from childhood include children with disabilities under 16 years.

“In the appointment of old-age pensions to mothers of children with disabilities, which raised them to the age of six, the birth of a child is established on the basis of the birth certificate, and his upbringing up to the specified age based on birth certificate or passport of the child”, – reported in the PFC.

The child’s disability must be certified by a extract from the inspection report to the msec, medical advice, health care, identity of the recipient, a certificate of the appointing authority assistance, the period of assignment assistance.

In the case of recognition of disability of the child after reaching the age of six is the conclusion of the medical Advisory Committee that the child had a medical condition for his recognition of a child with a disability before reaching the age of six.