What is Alexey Buldakov talked about Ukraine and Putin: “Thank God I’m not m*skal”

Что Алексей Булдаков говорил про Украину и Путина: "Слава Богу, что я не м*скаль"

3 APR died Soviet and Russian actor Alexey Buldakov who supported the policy of Putin and annexation of Crimea

The actor was entered into the database of the site “Peacemaker” for “anti-Ukrainian propaganda, open support for the aggressive policy of Russia and the manipulation of information of public interest”.

So, the star of the movie “peculiarities of national hunting” Alexey Buldakov has signed a letter of Russian cultural figures in support of Vladimir Putin’s policies in Crimea. He later admitted that he had done this for propaganda, but has no regrets about anything.

“I was shocked by the news that came from Ukraine, – confessed the actor, “the Incredible truth about the stars” in 2014. – I watch what I show on our television. When you go with covered faces and shouting “Moskal knives.” Show me the posters, where it says: “Thank God that I’m not Moskal.” Can you imagine? And how should I respond to this?”.

“On the Ukrainian TV one goes old, the Russian is different. We rip. I understand that doing this on purpose. Show all – the people understood what was happening. And the signature I put only because worried about what is happening in Ukraine”, – said the actor.

At the same time, also said he did not regret that he supported Putin: “I have signed the document. I call, say: may I comment? Any comments? It turns out that I begin to make excuses. Well, this is stupid.”

Buldakov also believed in the “one people” and denied the possibility of war between Russia and Ukraine:

“I am sure that no war between us will not. Many Ukrainians living in Russia and Russians in Ukraine. Relatives, wedding guests, men. How can you shoot single people at all? It is simply unrealistic. For me personally it would be a disaster. I have so many friends in Ukraine. I even admit I can not imagine that this could happen,” said Alexey Buldakov.

The actor died at the age of 68 years before departure to the capital of the Russian Federation, staying in a hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Driver waiting Buldakova under the hotel, was worried due to the long absence of men. After a while the taxi driver turned to the hotel staff. Buldakov was found dead in his hotel room. According to preliminary data, he had congestive heart failure on the background of ischemic heart disease.

Что Алексей Булдаков говорил про Украину и Путина: "Слава Богу, что я не м*скаль"

Что Алексей Булдаков говорил про Украину и Путина: "Слава Богу, что я не м*скаль"