What is allowed and forbidden to move through the KPVV of Donbass: an updated list

Что разрешено и запрещено перемещать через КПВВ Донбасса: обновленный перечень

Lineintegral updated the list and volume of goods restricted or prohibited to move across the line of demarcation, as well as the list of goods that can be moved.

That allowed to move through the KPVV:

  • personal hygiene and individual cosmetic means in an amount to provide the needs of one person for the period of travel;
  • clothing, underwear, footwear, designed exclusively for their own use and have signs of use;
  • personal jewelry, including precious metals and stones with signs of having been used;
  • personalized payment card;
  • one camera, one film, camcorder together with a reasonable quantity of accessories;
  • portable musical instruments – no more than two pieces;
  • one portable sound reproducing device (e.g. VCR, recorder, CD player etc.) with a reasonable quantity of tapes, records, CDs;
  • one portable radio;
  • cellular (mobile) telephones – no more than three pieces;
  • one TV;
  • portable (stationary) personal computers – not more than two pieces and peripheral equipment and accessories;
  • flash cards – no more than three pieces;
  • calculators, electronic books not more than two pieces;
  • conventional and/or walking strollers for each child that crosses the line of demarcation, together with a person with no children – no more than one unit;
  • two wheeled chairs for every person with a disability who in the absence of persons with disabilities – no more than one unit;
  • medical devices for individual use to ensure the life of the person and control his condition with signs of used;
  • drugs in quantities not exceeding 5 packages of each item to one person (except those containing narcotic or psychotropic substances);
  • drugs in amounts less than this in the face of the prescription (original or copy) for such drug is issued in the name of that person, but not more than 10 vials, 50 tablets, 10 transdermal systems for medicinal products containing narcotic or psychotropic substances;
  • two hours;
  • 0,5 liter of toilet water and / or 200 grams of perfume;
  • sports equipment – Bicycle, fishing rod, ski set, a set of tennis rackets, and other similar equipment of not more than one unit (set) of each item;
  • other products designed to provide everyday needs of the individual, the list and limit the number of which is determined by the current legislation.

Also a person may move cash:

  • from ORDA on the territory controlled by Ukraine in the amount not exceeding UAH 50 thousand, or the equivalent, including a foreign currency without supporting documents about their origin, as well as in the amount that exceeds UAH 50 thousand or equivalent, including foreign currency, subject to the approval of the transfer of these funds with representatives of the coordination centre in accordance with the law;
  • from the territory controlled by Ukraine on the temporarily occupied territory in the amount not exceeding UAH 50 thousand, or the equivalent, including in foreign currency without supporting documents about their origins.


  • weapons and ammunition, models of such devices and items, as well as a paintball gun;
  • edged weapons and other items specifically designed for attack and defense (brass knuckles, stilettos, sports goods, cane type, cans with liquid nerve action, etc.), flammable or other dangerous substances;
  • narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors included in the List of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors;
  • elektrooniline system (electrofishing), monofilament (fishing line) nets, traps and other tools of getting of objects of fauna;
  • special technical means of secret obtaining information;
  • electronic warfare and lucasia of the devices mentioned in the Register of electronic means and emitting devices banned for use and importation into the territory of Ukraine;
  • unregistered in accordance with the legislation of pesticides and agrochemicals;
  • poisonous, potent, explosive substances, toxic and radioactive substances, mercury, acids, corrosives, gases, and pressure vessels, oxidizers and organic peroxides, infectious substances, dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide);
  • Bank metals in form of ingots and coins;
  • automotive spare parts for trucks;
  • fuel and lubricants in case of moving from the temporarily occupied territories, except for those that are moving in a constructive tanks of the vehicle intended for this purpose and provided by the manufacturer.
  • industrial machinery (including printing), equipment, spare parts and components thereto;
  • building materials (wood, stone, brick, blocks, bricks);
  • military uniforms and insignia military formations, law enforcement bodies, civil protection;
  • any seals, stamps, blank forms of the strict reporting, printed materials, documentation forms, symbols and materials of agitation and propaganda character of the aggressor country, the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the occupation administration of the Russian Federation;
  • works, images and other items of a pornographic nature;
  • remotely piloted aircraft (drones)
  • tools for industrial purposes;
  • Antiques and art that are of artistic, historical, scientific or other cultural value (except for the movement of such items with the permission of the coordinating center).

It is also forbidden to move across the line of demarcation from the temporarily occupied territories of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. In both directions it is forbidden to move to a natural person under 18 years of age.

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