What is dangerous sugar substitutes

Чем опасны сахарозаменители

The doctors told why sugar substitutes are very popular in slimming dangerous to one’s health. So, the sweeteners are connected with carbohydrate addiction is much more than it seems, reports newsyou.info.

Sweeteners – a harmful chemical additive, which does not allow the person to forget the taste of sugar and to wean from it. They break the conditioned reflexes, which contribute to the control of glucose and energy homeostasis. Sweet taste receptors are not only in language but also in the intestine.

They release signal molecules into the blood in response to sweet taste, causing the pancreas to release insulin in preparation for a spike of glucose that would happen if you ate sugar.

People, in fact, trying to find a replacement to sugar, which causes endorphin addiction, but only “enter the body astray.” Because the substitutes cannot save a person the desire to eat something sweet, because at the biochemical level it doesn’t cause release of endorphins.

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