What is interesting in World of Warships on April 1st?

Что интересного в World of Warships на 1е апреля?

The company Wargaming announced that World of Warships team decided to continue the story on April 1st of last year, which was well received by players and to develop it further. This year the game routinely sends players from the seas to the stars in the update of intergalactic proportions!

12 unique spaceships: Alldestroyer powerful, graceful Zaya, newcomer of the year, Century Hawk, and others. Space battles will be held at the fantastic space maps. Veterans of the game will appreciate the return of “parade of planets”, and it adds three new: formed by crystals Iranium “Risus” empty nest “Ludus” and is formed by rings of lava “Navis”. Players will be able for performing tasks to a new permanent Camos and other rewards.

Will be able to show their gaming skills in the space of four modes:

  • “Rings of Saturn” – changed mode “Epicenter” where the capture of external zones is not blocked during the internal capture. Also, for the inner areas will boost your score.
  • Double star will test your strategy skills – will need to capture and protect a gradually decreasing reference point.
  • “Kosmostars” will agree with the players on the defending and attacking – each team will have its advantages.The attacking ships will respawn and the defenders? to restore points of combat capability.
  • “Torpedo soup” displays on the main stage destroyers: torpedoes will be your main weapon in this explosive opposing teams of 5 people. The regime will be a test for fans of destroyers, especially with regard to improved maneuverability, increased speed and fast reload torpedo tubes.

Seriously, in update World of Warships 0.8.2 British aircraft carriers have pride of place in the tree development. Three ships early access (Hermes IV level, VI level of Furious, Implacable VIII level) will be complemented by the carrier X level of Audacious. Britain is the third nation after the United States and Japan received its own branch of aircraft carriers in World of Warships.