What is known about the murder of ex-wife of legendary hockey player Sokolova

Что известно об убийстве экс-жены легендарного хоккеиста Соколова

In the woman’s murder suspect one of the sons Sokolova: Maxim or Arseny. It is reported StarHit.

13 June in the village of romanivka killed the ex-wife of hockey player. Initially, the Prime suspect believed the eldest son of Maxim and Irina – Maxim-Jr. The guy seriously wounded brother Arsenius, who came out from the cottage and attacked him with a knife. He later told law enforcement officials that avenged the death of my mom. However, police are still investigating, because Maxim Sokolov Jr. has never been involved in conflict situations, in contrast to the Canopy, a behavior which was the cause of frequent call parents to school.

Now Arseny is in prison, which denies wrongdoing in the incident, and Maxim is in the hospital. Because of the wounds in the throat of 18-year-old can’t speak, but gestures explained to the police that he remembered nothing. Friends of the family remains the only build version: who and why had committed the murder of Irina Sokolova.

Irina and Maxim have created, seemed to be a model family. A couple United in common grief: growing up firstborn was diagnosed with cancer. The child was a tiny chance for recovery is only five percent, but the boy not only recovered, but achieved success in hockey, following in the footsteps of his father.

“Maxim was a good and calm boy, he loved his mother who left him. It was a difficult time: the child took a puncture from the spine, he was suffering, but did not give up, as the whole family,” shared the hockey commentator Andrey Shestakov in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

Maxim rose and showed himself as a disciplined athlete and a good student. Maybe little brother was jealous of his success because of the illness of the eldest child paid more attention, moreover, it met the expectations of the star father, Arseny left for a hockey team, because they do not want to work.

“Maxim’s mom had a great relationship. She called him “my masik”. He is well-read and very smart boy. And he is the complete opposite of his younger brother, who, though clever, but did not want to learn. Psychologically Arseny, you know, was weird. All calls Irina to school was about the behavior of Arseny, he did not get along in school, came to us”, – said the Deputy Director of a private school “Yuventa” Svetlana Titova.

The whole village believed Irina a wonderful mother. The surrounding didn’t even know that she divorced with her husband two years ago. Despite the gap, the parents took turns driving kids to training and engaged in their education. This is especially required in relation to the disobedient younger son. Having failed in hockey, Arseny did not grieve and began attending fencing lessons, so knew how to handle knives.

According to experts, 15-year-old Senya could kill the mother, and then to wound the brother and accused of crime. Forensics seemed a strange statement Arseny that he heard the cry of a mother, when she was attacked. It was impossible, because she cut the trachea. According to another version, it could make Maxim after the use of illegal substances, so now he remembers nothing. However, the eldest son of a famous goalkeeper always led a healthy lifestyle.

“Someone said close to home after the murder of saw the bloody work, I don’t know who it was. Maybe the children are innocent,” suggested the neighbor Sokolov.

Former mother-in-law Irina, Nina Sokolov is sure that the mother of two children herself led eldest son out of balance and provoked the conflict. “I am surprised that such a mother could say to the son who came after the exam, he rushed at her with a knife and cut her?” – said the mother of the goalkeeper.

One of the most incredible versions of what happened put forward girlfriend Irina, Anna Nikitina, who now lives in the United States. “I think the kids cover some third party, close person. Children may think their father? He often beat the Ira, told me our close friend. Suddenly found out that she found a lover, and decided to kill, and the children said that they will not plant,” suggested Anna.

However, speculation Nikitina seemed flimsy family friends Sokolov. They believe that the marriage was happy. Together they have experienced a child’s illness and lack of money, when the goalkeeper received a small salary in “SKA”. Even after breaking up, the pair kept warm relations. And others, still can’t believe that one of the children could kill the mother. It only remains to wait for the investigation results. Perhaps Maxim Sokolov Jr. will be better, and he will be able to tell what really happened that fateful day.

Что известно об убийстве экс-жены легендарного хоккеиста Соколова

Что известно об убийстве экс-жены легендарного хоккеиста Соколова

Что известно об убийстве экс-жены легендарного хоккеиста Соколова