What is known about the personal life of Ivan Urgant

Что известно о личной жизни Ивана Урганта

The presenter prefers not to disclose details about his family.

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Now Ivan Urgant is married to Natalia Kiknadze. They are familiar from a school article, as studied in the same class. This marriage was his second, the relationship with his first wife was unsuccessful.

The first marriage happened at the Urgant in 18 years – then he married Deevoy Karine, who was older than him by 4 years. They met in the camp. Ivan’s parents were against this relationship, because of what the presenter had a fight with them. At first he could not understand the position of his family, who insisted that marriage at that age – too early. However, after half a year the couple separated, and the parents were right. Adeeva later remarried and moved with her husband to live abroad, says New Magazine.

Another lover Urgant was a colleague Tatiana Gevorgyan. For a long time they lived together. Ivan wanted to marry and children, but she was’t ready for what their relationship has stalled. Soon Gevorgyan married businessman.

With his current wife leading accidentally met in St. Petersburg. After the wedding, and they had two daughters. Ivan also has a daughter from wife’s first marriage.

Now the eldest daughter Urganta lives in America. Her choices have become the black guy. Fans worried, as Ivan refers to their Union, but he decided to comment on this issue.