What is known about Zelensky created the Commission for selecting candidates to the High Council of justice

Что известно о созданной Зеленским комиссии по отбору кандидатов в Высший совет правосудия

On the newly formed President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky of the Commission, the candidates for the positions of members of the High Council of justice and the restart of the judicial Department in the program “Honor and Wickedness” with Aleksey Shalaysky and Mikhail Ernakulam said the Chairman of the Commission for selecting the members of the High Council of justice from the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Sushchenko.

As created the Commission for selecting the members of the www?

The Commission, which was created by the President required by law. In act GSP has a very short phrase that the President appoints two members of the High Council of justice on the basis of competition, but as it is not defined anywhere.

To assess how formed this Commission and what criteria was used by the President – I can’t. The only thing I will say that I was approached by the advisors on behalf of the President and invited to join the Commission. I agreed, not knowing who else will be in it.

– First, our Commission announced the start of the contest and determined the time. As a result, we have received 63 of the document into two quota positions. Now only one remains vacant. But we are not only looking for two more candidates for these positions. Because the President appoints, and not the Commission. That is, we can offer, for example, 5 people, and the President will choose from them only two.

Some candidates went on to positions in the VSP?

– I personally examined the documents of all candidates. Thus, of the 63 submitted by 17 judges of various levels, 4 the President of the court, 5 retired judges, 11 lawyers, 6 scientists, 2 of the Prosecutor, the Deputy Minister of justice, the rector of the University and one MP, which cannot be assigned to such office by law, and others.

What is the High Council of justice? It is an influential state body, which should ensure the independence of the judicial process and also to build a respectable and highly professional corps of judges.

– There are different criteria, in particular language skills, the political neutrality and the like. In connection with these symptoms we admitted 14 people. Next, the effect of quality assessment and here, of course, harder to evaluate candidates.

In General, the Commission is in a constructive mood, we are now discussing and have already reached a certain result. We also have developed regulations which prescribed the procedure, how things should be done. This will facilitate the ability, if they have some joint issues.

When will the elected members of the www?

– We have interviews scheduled for 31 July – 2 August. We then identify a short list (of 10-12 people) whom we recommend as members of the High Council of justice.

– Subsequently to be a result of profiling, which would give an answer on financial income, family ties and medical conditions of candidates, and the like. Think it will last about a month.

And when will come the results of special checks, maybe someone will exclude, then we will gather and will make a final decision. I think it will be sometime before September 15. Besides, the interview will be broadcast. It is in the position noted by President Vladimir Zelensky.

Will there be a restart of the www?

– I have long said that definitely worth it to reload both body and Higher kvalifikaciu and the High Council of justice. Maybe not in parallel, and over time. I have my doubts if it’ll work immediately to change everything and get a new one. It is difficult, because the body at some time will cease operations. So I’m still more inclined to the rotational method to do this within the time and in parts.

– As for the question does not change whether the flea, it is important to know the procedure – who will elect the new members of the VSP. This is serious. And experience of selection in anti-corruption court suggests that society has more trust of the international experts. Maybe we need to go this way.

– I do not exclude the Internet technology, in particular any preferential voting. To nominate a list of people and ask people online to vote. This will allow us to see how society would react to the varying names, and to understand who is trusted by the society.

And the Commission of international and local experts would work with these candidates and content and gave their final conclusions on the establishment of the competition Commission, which would be the most legitimate and worked with candidates in www.

Что известно о созданной Зеленским комиссии по отбору кандидатов в Высший совет правосудия