What is known and what is in the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Kuzman

Чем известен и с чем идет в Верховную Раду Олег Кужман

First Deputy head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration, the Deputy of regional Council Oleg Kuzman is running for the Verkhovna Rada as the independent candidate in single-mandate electoral district No. 40. It is fundamentally not joining any party, although it supports the program of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. Moreover, he has suggested to become his assistants the young candidates of the parties. What Oleg is Kuzman in Parliament, which bills to support promises and that promises to bring in the lives of their constituents – read the material the Informant Money.

“It is done” is a vital motto of Oleg Kusmana and slogan for the election campaign. According to the candidate in people’s deputies – this principle from childhood. Oleg Kuzman was born on 7 February 1970 in the city of Ordzhonikidze (now Cover) in a working family. His father gave 50 years of life of the local Goku, where he progressed from worker to engineer. “To live as other families, where early in the morning get up to work, worked a lot, where the house always was order and comfort. At the weekend my parents went to his parents to help in the village. There, in the village of Rudnik, I had a lot of friends. Took them, because a lot of time was spent there on holidays and weekends,” – said Oleg Kugman about his childhood.

After high school, easily entered the prestigious Kiev Institute of national economy, overcoming the competition, 18 persons into place. Since med school was taken to the Soviet Army.

Oleg served in Brest, Belarus, the defense forces, then returned and completed his studies at the University.

“My specialty “Audit and control” is brand new. It was very interesting. In those days the most feared checks obkhss, auditors. But I have never been an end in itself put the fear on people. In those years began to be created the first cooperatives, private enterprises. We felt the first signs of a market economy. It was very interesting to create a system of cooperation between the new enterprises and the state”, – said Oleg Kuzman.

He began his career in the State tax Inspectorate for the city of Dnepropetrovsk, and then work in the Executive Committee and the regional state administration. Oleg Kuzman was twice a member of the city Council, 1998-2002 and 2002-2006, respectively, in 2015, he was elected Deputy of the regional Council.

“I was chosen by the residents of district 32 (part of the Solonyansky district), but I have never shared Solonyansky district on your and someone else’s district. This area has become my family. Its people were dear to me people. Every week I come to them not only to control another construction of a school or garden, or help, and just to talk, to consult, to gain wisdom and life-affirming energy of those who work on the ground. Here we are together creating the first GSS, together determined what and how we do,” – said Oleg Kuzman.

His main achievement considers the construction of large infrastructure projects in the region – reconstruction of schools, construction of kindergartens, clinics, hospitals and roads. He was first Deputy Chairman of regional state administration personally oversaw all of the objects.

What is going to the Parliament

The decision to become a people’s Deputy was given to Oleg Cusmano difficult. “This is a very important decision for me, its adoption has affected again the same people. Because we understand that not all problems can be solved at the level of village, district, region. We share a common goal – to live in peaceful, United, stable country, where the care of the older generation, those who worked the land or at the plant 40 – 50 years and, unfortunately, has a small pension. About young people getting an education, must have work and earnings, not to wander in strange lands. Where everyone is equal before the law. Where members go every day to work (like miners, Steelworkers and peasants), working directly in the districts and accept the laws that guarantee citizens their rights and do all, without exception, equal and accountable before the law.”

In Parliament Oleg Kuzman will vote for the lifting of parliamentary immunity for liability for illicit enrichment, peace and development of the country.

Oleg Kurzman takes personal commitments “guide” is to represent and protect the interests of local communities, to take care of infrastructure development on the territory of the constituency, to facilitate the development of long-term and affordable loans for the purchase and installation of Autonomous heating systems and hot water. He will seek strict liability for raider attacks private and collective ownership. Oleg Kuzman – for the safety of the school and against different harmful habits of youth will fight this way – “the stadium in every village, and Internet in every house”. Oleg Kuzman in favour of strengthening all types of responsibility of civil servants and development of family businesses. Oleg Kuzman achieve payments to pensioners and additional “Christmas” of pension size monthly average for last year.

In the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Kuzman own efforts, possible and impossible, is committed to helping Vladimir Zelensky, to establish peace. “With great respect, share his desire to achieve change for the better. Furthermore, my program of the candidate in people’s deputies of Ukraine supported the actions of the President. Is peace and development,” – says Oleg Kuzman.

Чем известен и с чем идет в Верховную Раду Олег Кужман

Чем известен и с чем идет в Верховную Раду Олег Кужман

Чем известен и с чем идет в Верховную Раду Олег Кужман

Чем известен и с чем идет в Верховную Раду Олег Кужман