What is missing in modern Android smartphones?

Чего не хватает современным Android-смартфонам?

Android smartphones in 2020 offer a huge variety of functions. This retractable camera, and endless Waterfall-screens and amazing cameras, and convenient gestures in Android 10. However, there are those features that modern Android devices is lacking.

The contents

  • 1 Removable battery
  • 2 Maintainability is important
  • 3 Unique chips
  • 4 Varied design
  • 5 No headphones included
  • 6 Resistance

Removable battery

Removable batteries have declined gradually since 2011. One of the first was the company HTC, which offered unibody-housing, made of metal and soft-touch plastic. Only with the release of Galaxy S6 Samsung has supported this trend. Removable batteries – a useful and necessary feature that is missing today.

Lithium batteries are about 2-3 years of use should be changed. According to statistics, smartphone sales are dwindling, and the ever longer use a certain device, without resorting to buying a new machine. This leads to discomfort associated with the need to contact the service center for battery replacement since the phone still can work fine, and change it to another does not make much sense sometimes.

Maintainability is important

The need for battery replacement is directly related to the maintainability of the device. Old smartphones even in the absence of the ability to replace the battery was easy and clear design, which self-replacement of defective parts does not lead to difficulties. For example, one of my devices is still old iPhone 6. For all time of use I had independently two times to replace the battery and once to replace the Lightning connector. All of this I managed to produce on their own simply because the old iPhone have user-friendly and light interior design.

Unique chips

Modern smartphones have become monotonous and similar to each other. Not only that, externally they all look almost the same, so manufacturers are also not hesitant to offer unique features for which people will buy their devices. As an example you can consider the LG G5. The company offers plug-in modules, including a speaker from Bang&038;Olufsen and camera module. In addition, together with the module it was possible to replace the battery.

One example is Motorola. It in 2014 introduced the Moto X second generation, the back cover which could be made of leather or wood. It is these unique features in today’s devices is not enough. We propose a powerful hardware, good camera and displays, but nothing can truly be interested in.

A variety of design

This is partially linked to the previous point, but let’s look at how to look all modern phones. It’s easy to understand that the producers got lazy and stopped to offer us something different. The only company that manages to stick to his style, it’s probably Apple. Edge-to-edge iPhone have a strict and not like the rest of the phones design. If we take Huawei, Xiaomi, and Samsung, all their phones look almost identical and uninteresting, besides, in my opinion, cheap.

The lack of headphones in the kit

Modern devices don’t have the headphones in the kit, and it has become the norm for the entire market, not just for budget phones. Besides the lack of a 3.5 mm headphone connector forces buyers to give up their old headphones in favor of the new wireless, the cost of which may exceed 10 thousand rubles.


New devices made of glass both front and back. And some have waterfall displays, which go beyond the boundaries of the front, taking the ends around the perimeter. This led to the fact that Avito on hundreds of ads from the same flagship Galaxy screens which are broken. Replacement of such a display is too expensive, so the owners of vehicles it is easier to get rid of them.

That is why, in my opinion, producers need to seriously approach the question of the strength of their phones as the cost of repair can sometimes be half of the cost of the phone, which is not very nice.

And some of the features of old phones to modern smartphones is not enough for our readers? Share your opinion in the comments and don’t forget that we have a channel with news in the Telegram.

Чего не хватает современным Android-смартфонам?

Чего не хватает современным Android-смартфонам?