What is most annoying Kim Kardashian in her man: the sudden recognition of the star – 24 Channel

Що найбільше дратує Кім Кардашян в її чоловіку: несподіване зізнання зірки - 24 Канал

Actress and founder of the reality show “keeping up with the Kardashians” admitted that her most annoying Kanye West. Kim Kardashian not only called the habit of her husband, but gave an example when he demonstrated it.

The star made an unexpected recognition model Ashley Graham, who started his own show “Pretty Big Deal”. The first guest of the project was Kim Kardashian, who could not hide his delight from communicating with pesnata the model.

In a relaxed atmosphere Kim Kardashian revealed a lot of secrets. In particular, the star did not abandon its provocative question, Ashley Graham, and openly said that it irritates her to Kanye West. According to Kim, a man suffering from narcolepsy – a disease of the nervous system, which provokes attacks of irresistible sleepiness.

He can sleep everywhere. On my debut fashion night when he introduced me to the stars, who barely spoke English (we were in France), he fell asleep at the dinner table in the restaurant
– confessed Kim Kardashian.

However, not only the star has a claim to her husband. Kim also said that Kanye West also accuses her of nekulturny habit, which she sometimes shows in public outputs.

“He wouldn’t, so I used obscene words. Yeah, I swear a lot. Perhaps he would like to, I often wrote to him sexy pictures,” added Kim Kardashian.

See the full interview with Ashley Graham with Kim Kardashian (video):


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