What is the cause of the rebellion of militants in the Tajik colony

В чем причина бунта боевиков ИГ в таджикской колонии

In the course arranged by the supporters of the rebellion in the colony in Tajikistan killed several dozen people. As for the spread of jihadism in the country is affected by the struggle with the opposition – DW.

How could it happen that the militants of the “Islamic state” (IG), rebelled in the Tajik penal colony, prisoners were executed in the same members of the party, which the authorities of the Republic accused of close ties with ISIS? We will remind that on 19 may a group of members of the IG contained in the “Brick” prison in Vahdat region, attacked the guards, killing them and seizing weapons, rebelled and tried to escape.

Security forces put a stop to it. But before the ringleaders of the rebellion, to judge by the official authorities of the Republic, demonstration and killed several of the prisoners, serving a sentence in the same colony. It was reported that executed and even beheaded was a prominent scholars from the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT). This game to 2015 was in the legal political field, and in some regions accounted for the popularity of the competition the party in power, but then was banned and persecuted.

Tajik prisons and the strategy of “academies of Jihad”

Fellow, Center for modern Afghanistan studies (CISA) Andrey Serenko in this regard, in an interview with DW said that the revolt was organized by supporters, is not a random phenomenon. As well as their attack on the IRP. “Prison Jamaat is a strategy, a mainstay of the dissemination of jihadist ideology and potentially the weak link for the security of all the former Soviet republics of the region”, – the expert specifies. In prisons, where imprisoned militants, they create a so-called “Academy of Jihad.” Earlier, according to Serenko, thanks to this strategy, the jihadists were able to form in the early 2000-ies of the underground in Iraq, from which emerged ISIS. His fighters are still fighting in the middle East, and now taking root in Afghanistan.

The employee TISA draws attention to the fact that the murder of the theologians of the IRPT in Vahdat is a clear testimony of unsubstantiated allegations of close ties of the party with IG, that are members of the IRPT presents the authorities of Tajikistan.

In turn, the IRP leader Muhiddin Kabiri, who is in exile in Europe, in an interview with DW stated that the day before the events in Vahdat on different prisons of Tajikistan was conducted a RAID, during which many of the imprisoned members of the IRPT was transferred to a penal insulator (SHIZO). “According to information obtained from relatives of theologians who died in Vahdat, the three of them – by some coincidence or intentionally – gathered in one place, and the day after that is a gruesome murder. Supposedly they were attacked by supporters of the IG,” – said the leader of the IRPT.

Who is responsible for the murder of Tajik theologians?

In his opinion, even if the murder – the handiwork of supporters, this does not remove responsibility from authorities. “We blame the government for creating the appropriate atmosphere in society and in prison. The President of the country Emomali Rahmon a while ago in a public speech accused subsequently murdered in Vahdat Kiemiddin Gazi said that he was a Shia, betrayed his religion and became an agent of foreign intelligence services. That is, he actually issued a fatwa to kill, because any supporter of ISIS to kill the traitor of his religion is considered a duty. The head of state had no right to issue such a fatwa, even if the person moved to another denomination,” explains Kabiri.

In this case the politician makes the claim to Russia, where in 2017 Gazi was issued to Tajikistan: “And there he was forced under torture to speak on TV with repentance, that he worked for Iran and was a Shia. First, he was given 25 years in prison, then reduced the term to 8 years, and now killed.”

You know in Moscow the truth about the IRP?

Russia continues the practice of issuing without trial of opposition Tajikistan. “Only a few days ago, another activist of the IRPT were arrested at Vnukovo airport and without a trial was taken to Dushanbe, where he was in jail. All our appeals through the media to the Russian leadership failed. Now it’s time to turn to international organizations and ECHR to influence the situation. Part of the blame for the fact that our people are dying and being tortured in prisons, lies on Russia”, – said Kabiri in an interview with DW.

According to him, Moscow is aware of the absurdity of the charges of the IRP in connection with IG. “Is it me, first of Tajiks called Murtada, apostate, and in a video message called for my murder after I, then while still in Dushanbe and being a Deputy, declared that ISIS does not represent Islam” – says the politician.

“Later, when I was in Turkey, the authorities warned me about the preparation of the IG attempts to kill me or kidnap. This was one of the reasons I left Turkey. However, the Tajik authorities all the time we are accused of having ties with ISIS and almost that we are part of the IG. And in parallel we are accused that we are Iranian agents, though one with the other sounds completely absurd,” says Kabiri. In this regard, we note that on 21 may the human rights organization Freedom Now passed the Committee on human rights, UN Affairs eleven political prisoners from Tajikistan. This is mainly members of the IRP.

How to deal with the “academies of Jihad” in Kazakhstan

In this case, “the IG and the government – in a sense allies”, and it is necessary to understand the authorities of those countries which are cooperating with Dushanbe, Kabiri believes. “The government Emomali Rahmon all the time relied ideological point of view on those Salafists, who are considered enemies of Islam of the Sufis, political parties and all moderate Muslims. The explanation is that according to the ideology above mentioned Salafi groups, parties and Parliament cannot be created, and all Muslims must obey the head of state, Emir. The Union, the authorities in Dushanbe and such groups finds support from a number of Gulf States. But in the future, radical groups, using the potential of the authorities, will gain a foothold in Tajikistan,” warns the leader of the IRPT.

According to Andrey Serenko, the incident in Vahdat is a dangerous signal for Tajikistan, especially because this is the second in the last year of the rebellion in the colonies with the participation of IG. In an interview with DW expert CISA compares the situation in the penitentiary system of the Republic with the way it is in Kazakhstan.

There, he notes, changed the regime of detention of convicted persons associated with jihadist organizations. “They are contained in a single colony under very strict supervision, the authorities do not allow contact of the prisoners with other prisoners. Therefore, the ability of jihadists to conduct recruiting work among ordinary prisoners is very limited,” explained Serenko.

“I think that Kazakhstan managed to find the fine line in working together authorities using a complex structure of the Islamic organizations and religious leaders. And there is no approach to the Salafi madhhab as an unambiguous evil. In Kazakhstan, there are four or five types of Salafi groups, among which are those related to the authorities loyal. And the authorities – to them, to avoid spread of the radical jihadist interpretations,” he added DW.

This, in his words, completely deprived himself of the government of Tajikistan, when eliminated and ideologically discredit the IRPT, which was the Sunni structure of the classic design was a fuse on the spread of radical ideology. “Tajikistan now this airbag deprived. And the aggravation that we have seen in the country in the last six months, largely connected with this”, – says Andrey Serenko.

Affirmation of this expert CISA acts chronology of events: at a time when the government of Tajikistan has banned the IRP, the ranks of the IG moved the Colonel of the Tajik OMON Gulmurod Khalimov, who later became war Minister of ISIS. And now among the leaders of the rebellion in the “Brick” of the colony, was his son, Behrooz of Homorod, in 2017, arrested in Tajikistan.

В чем причина бунта боевиков ИГ в таджикской колонии

В чем причина бунта боевиков ИГ в таджикской колонии

В чем причина бунта боевиков ИГ в таджикской колонии

В чем причина бунта боевиков ИГ в таджикской колонии