What is the cost of iPhone 11 Pro Max: an impressive figure

Какова себестоимость iPhone 11 Pro Max: впечатляющая цифра

Flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max has become the most expensive smartphone of the company Apple over the history of the line – its cost was 1 $ 249. Bloggers portal Tech Insights is decided to calculate the cost of the ambitious innovations and the difference with the end price was significant.

As an “experimental” experts chose the iPhone 11 Max Pro with 512 GB of internal memory, according to Tech Insights.

The cost of the components. The most expensive components of the device according to the portal steel camera module (73.5 dollars), display module (66.5 USD) and mobile platform Apple A13 Bionic worth $ 64. The procedure of Assembly of the device, according to the source, costing Apple $ 21.

Какова себестоимость iPhone 11 Pro Max: впечатляющая цифра

The cost of components iPhone 11 Pro Max

The total cost of a flagship device specialists Tech Insights estimated at 490,5 dollar – more than two times cheaper than its retail price. In Ukraine the novelty will cost 37 999 hryvnia (about 1 $ 530 at current exchange rate), and the smartphone will go on sale October 11.

The accuracy of the calculations. It should be noted that for the calculations of the specialists of the portal used their own sources of information – the real price of components may vary.

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