What is the daily rate drink and whether to worry about the coffee

Какая суточная норма любимого напитка и стоит ли волноваться кофеманам

Custard and only come from natural grains. The Internet spread myths and horrors of the killing properties of coffee.

Journalists of the TV channel 34 checked some of them.

Famous Ukrainian model plus-size Victoria Selco can’t imagine life without coffee. Hardly waited for us to enjoy them:

“I made a delay of nearly an hour and a half to wait for you, and then drink coffee. Because I just can’t!”, – shares model plus-size blogger Victoria Delco.

A day she drinks at least eight cups.

“The first reason is that I have low blood pressure and I thus just cheer, second – I like the taste, and the third – apparently I have a light addiction, because I’m almost every 2 hours drink coffee!”, – continues model.

But according to Victoria, a recent survey showed that there are no health issues with her there. But how much coffee a day drink the Ukrainians – shared bystanders:

“Already accustomed to this drink, really. So 2 cups is the minimum for sure. That is, if I’m at home, and at work until 8 comes”.

“Coffee is very much madly in love. Drink Cup 4 for sure”.

Nutritionist warns: drink a lot of coffee is very dangerous. This can lead to fatal consequences.

“If a person drinks 5-8-10 cups of coffee a day, he may die from any Cup of coffee. He drinks coffee, to stimulate the activity of the system, but it is not. Coffee can be useful, but not for all. Coffee affects all organs and systems. You need to understand in what they are able to diseases or genetics. Hence one method of making coffee, which is useful to a specific person”, – says nutritionist Boris Skachko.

A completely healthy person can drink up to 2 cups of coffee a day. Best of all – welded from natural grains.

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