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У чому небезпека нічних звуків - 24 Канал

White noise, which is often used to treat tintos, calm and good sleep, can lead to malfunction of the hearing.

To such conclusion neuroscientist moon of Attarha of the company Posit Science, and colleagues from the University of California, San Francisco (USA), reports Science Alert.

Tintos is a ringing or noise in the ears that is not associated with an external source and may occur due to various reasons, in particular, a sulfuric stopper or a brain disease.

People who can’t sleep through the night constant feeling of buzz in the brain, often resorted to the method of masking tintos with white noise. For example, include records of waterfall sounds, rain, rustling leaves and other natural sources.

And according to researchers, prolonged exposure to such noise causes pathological changes in the Central auditory nervous system that resemble those in tinnitusa. A pattern scientists have noticed at a safe noise level of 60-70 decibels.

У чому небезпека нічних звуків - 24 Канал

White noise may cause malfunction of the hearing

Thus, the white noise helps to reduce the inhibition of neurons, impairs the ability to filter out unnecessary information. However, according to scientists, it is necessary to confirm this in the new experiments involving humans.

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