What is the fate of the square “Cozy” on Slobozhansky Avenue?

Какова судьба сквера «Уютный» на Слобожанском проспекте?


People say: this is the only green area for the residents of a dozen high-rise buildings in the area. But walking here is not very convenient and sometimes dangerous. The residents complain about the abandoned tracks, bushes and destroyed the stairs.

“Children always go through this way, deal with my parents tonight and here is horrible … this way, all tiles broken. At the bottom of the stairs are just on the crossing traffic lights, they are just completely broken, they are simply not there,” said local resident Tatyana.

On such paths, the main legs don’t break. And with strollers, all the horror, complains Alex.

Activists have jointly undertaken to set in order the green zone. Elena Zeev is the author of the project on reconstruction of the square, which a year ago won the program “Budget participation”. It receives more than two thousand people. From the city budget had to allocate one million hryvnias. And six months ago to start work, the woman said.

“In October he was voted. Today is already the end of July and not the final draft, we do not see, nor of works, included in the million, Yes, this winning a million, to date, no” – says the author of the project Elena Zeev.

Another million private funds ready to provide Zagid Krasnov. A year ago, Gromadska force began the reconstruction of the Park. New paving slabs laid part of the tracks.

“Last year, we started the repair work, but because they won the competition was suspended until the funding so as not to duplicate the same work, and said city government and our residents, too, that Fund Gromadski power, from its own funds, we are ready to invest here million. Together with the city’s budget to add Fund Gromadski forces, another million hryvnia, to make this square of cool that people were nice to walk here, relax, families with children,” says the leader of “Gromadsky force” Zagid Krasnov.

No work, no deadlines, no answers, when and what will the allocated budget of a million. At city Council session the question was brought by the Deputy from Gromadski power Catherine zbarsky.

“This project submitted in June 2019. Voted for by over 2000 people. Any mayor would be glad that the philanthropist gives money, the city is transformed and people are getting the benefits. Please provide information why and when will the requirement to make it in the near future the work plan for the month. Because the money in the budget”, – said the Deputy from “Gromadsky forces” Catherine zbarsky.

People are waiting for improvement in the Park and don’t understand why the powers that be ignored their interests.

“We know that the money is there and people voted for it, we got the voices, but when and where is it. Question. Why it is not and when he gets here,” says local resident Yulia.

To start work at their own expense now ready Zagid Krasnov. The leader of “Gromadsky hand” promises to the people – nice Park they have.

“I want to assure the residents of this neighborhood, the ANDES district, industrial square cozy by far, in any case, will be ordered, beautiful, we Fund Gromadski forces will do it definitely, wanted only to hear the city will participate with us or not,” – said Zagid Krasnov.

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