What is the meaning of the four dreams, which saw each of us

Что означают четыре сна, которые видел каждый из нас

Sometimes, stories are our dreams so strange that none of the dreams will not be able to decrypt them. But still, the experts were able to uncover the secrets of the main scenarios of our dreams.

It seriously took doctor sleep from Australia Martin Kocian that specializiruetsya on the interpretation and analysis of different dreams.

She highlighted 4 of the most popular scenarios of sleep:




the loss of teeth.

Regarding the latter, if one dreams of losing their teeth in the result of some accident – often, it symbolizes anxiety in life.

It’s possible that you’re going through major changes that make you worry. By the way, a similar interpretation has a dream in which someone dies: you’re just trying to resist some vital changes.

If you dream of persecution – this means that in real life you’re stubbornly trying to run away or hide from something, or from some problem. In addition, the feeling of persecution is a symbol of guilt.

With regard to falls from height: most often, this dream speaks about the lack of self control in everyday life.

And finally, the most vivid and memorable dreams, the ones that involve sex. Contrary to popular belief, this does not mean that they only have preoccupied people, and those who suffer from “lack” of sex. In fact, this dream basically says that it’s time to make your sex life with your partner a bit of variety.

A dream in which you change the – actually, not talking about the real cheating, but your distrust and insecurity in your relationship.

But if you dream that you cheat on your boyfriend or husband with another man is not always symbolizes your desire to join with that person in an intimate relationship. Maybe you just interesting some of the personal qualities of the man.