What is the secret feature is the button that resets the mileage

Какая тайная функция есть у кнопки, которая сбрасывает пробег

Dashboard of a modern car is a source of information on its technical condition. This helps the enthusiast to quickly identify the problem and localize it. And, in some cases, to avoid this tragedy.

If more advanced models of most notifies faults codes using the onboard computer, the machine simpler this function is assigned to the indicator lights and arrow devices.

Probably many do not know, but the famous reset button odometer there is another hidden feature. It turns out that the button you have to press and hold, then turn the ignition key.

With this combination must light up all the indicator lights. If any led is not lit, it is necessary to check the cause: the problem is with the bulb not working or a controlled node.

This combination is used to check in many foreign cars.