What is useful for men and belt or suspenders

Что полезней для мужчин - ремень или подтяжки

Most of the representatives of the stronger sex perceive braces as something old-fashioned. Meanwhile, they are much more useful belts for health.

If you conduct a survey on the matter, there is no doubt that the vast majority of men (especially the young) will choose straps. In fact, it is clearly visible and in stores, as the belts are sold everywhere and for every taste, but the suspenders have a very long look. Sometimes, however, they are in Vogue for a while, but never reach the hundredth part of the popularity of belts. However, this does not mean that the belt suspenders more useful for health. On the contrary, it braces recommended for men for prevention of cardiovascular diseases. And even more so if they have already become their victims.

A tight belt increases the efforts that need our heart to pump blood through the body. He just closes, tightens blood vessels, so that the main pump of our body is working harder. Seriously hampered not only the rise of blood from the lower extremities to the heart, but the outflow of blood from the heart throughout the body. When braces such problems do not arise from a physiological and hygienic point of view, they are suitable for men much better.

Alas, a significant spread of suspenders hampered by two factors. First – they went out of fashion and are perceived by many as part of the wardrobe of an elderly person. Second the straps allow you to visually make the waist more slender and reduce the volume of the stomach. Unfortunately, this is done by increasing the load on the heart, but many men don’t know this or just don’t want to think about. But in vain…