What kind of game can be called the best release of the month? survey

Какую игру можно назвать лучшим релизом месяца? – опрос

In February there were a lot of big releases in the gaming industry: the long-awaited Metro: Exodus, free the battle Royale Apex Legends and spin-off Far Cry: New Dawn. However, not without its high-profile failures, for example the game Anthem has not received proper assessment from the critics and Crackdown 3 and generally described the “failure of the month”.

Techno 24 decided to look into the most high-profile releases to determine what a game is still worthy of the title best for a month.

Metro: Exodus. Release the long-awaited shooter was accompanied by a number of scandals: the transition to digital games store Epic Games Store, the collapse of the previous games and ambiguous statements of the developers (read more about all the scandal you can read in our material). However, despite all these troubles the game by Ukrainian Studio 4A Games was interesting and really fun.

Apex Legends. A Studio of Electronic Arts very suddenly had the release of a free “battle Royale”. However, for the first three days after release, the game attracted more than 10 million players. Of course, to the activity in the Fortnite project EA is still far away, but he is clearly to the liking of gamers.

Какую игру можно назвать лучшим релизом месяца? – опрос

A screenshot from the game Apex Legends

Far Cry: New Dawn. The project is not a new part, but rather a spin-off of Far Cry 5, and uses many resources of the previous game, including a map of the world, locations and characters. However, it became the best selling in the UK, which also may indicate the future success of the project.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: the Gathering Storm. Note, this project also is not a full game – a massive addition to the game Civilization VI. In the game, new nation and the possibility of units.

DiRT Rally 2.0. This is a new part of the famous racing series from Codemasters. Critics took it very mild (rating on Metacritic – 82-86 / 100): Push Square named her one of the best racing games of recent years, and PCGamesN – the most impressive rally simulator on the market.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. It is Call of Duty with jet aircraft. Bright, spectacular, bombastic arcade game, made with great love to the sky and modern military equipment. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – the return of the series to the classical gameplay mechanics and setting.

Какую игру можно назвать лучшим релизом месяца? – опрос

A screenshot from the game Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Anthem. This is a new fantastic post-apocalyptic game from BioWare. In the world, abandoned even at creation, humanity struggles to survive in the wild, fraught with many dangers. However, the freelancers, the fraction of pilots in an incredible eczecstwa “javelin”, seek to tip the scales in favor of the people. However, the game from Electronic Arts got critical acclaim and she was named the “most underrated” game from BioWare.

Crackdown 3. The following is part of the popular third-person shooter. This time, players in the role of Agents will go in new Providence is Paradise island that has captured the corporate psychopaths. The game received a mediocre rating among critics: an overall assessment of the project averages 60 points.

What kind of game you think is the best in February?


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