What kind of meat is useful and what is not desirable: experts ‘ recommendations

Какое мясо есть полезно, а какое нежелательно: рекомендации специалистов

Meat is the main source of strength and energy. Many think so, but according to scientific studies, who, some varieties of meat found to be harmful and lead to negative health effects. Abuse recognized as destructive to the body as alcohol and tobacco, reports myjane.

In connection with what physicians told which meats are the most harmful, and which ones are less harmful for health.

It is noted that the most harmful is red meat, i.e. beef, lamb, pork, goat. These varieties contain much more harmful substances than other types of meat. This refers primarily uric acid produced in the body resulting from the consumption of meat. It negatively affects health, causing allergies, kidney and joints.

Pork contains a large amount of fat. It is a dangerous formation of cholesterol plaques on the vessel walls to narrow them and thereby significantly increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Lamb has a tough fiber, so a very long time to digest compared to other meats. This leads to an increased formation of slag.

Studies have shown that red meat contributes to a more rapid aging process. Therefore, the older a person is, the less it needs to consume meat, especially red.

Undesirable ways of cooking meat

The most harmful way of cooking meat is roasting, especially if in the process forms a crispy crust. During such frying meat produces carcinogens. What they are talking unnecessarily.

Equally harmful is Smoking the meat. In this case it also be carcinogens. It is undesirable to abuse and meat broths, as they have a high proportion of extractives, leading to the formation of uric acid.

Preferred meats

The safest meats are the white varieties. It is mostly white meat chicken and Turkey (breast fillets without skin). These varieties contain virtually no fat. They are extremely low in cholesterol. Therefore can be consumed without fear.

Then comes the rabbit. It contains lots of protein and very little fat, so low-calorie, moreover, is quickly absorbed. Also, rabbit meat does not cause allergies, this applies even to small children.

Next comes the veal. It also contains minimal amount of fat.

To a relatively harmless varieties of true horse. It contains no cholesterol and is very quickly absorbed.

And finally, fish. Although it does not apply to meat, but added to this list, as it is the most preferred animal protein product. Quickly digested fish (except smoked) and practically does not leave behind toxins. Fish protein is easily digestible food.

The only thing you have to be very careful – it quality and strict compliance with sanitary norms. It is no secret that fish can sometimes contain parasites, so buy it only reliable, strictly check place.

Preferred methods of cooking

The most preferred method of cooking meat is boiling. Especially if it is steamed. This allows you to reduce its harmful properties.

You can eat the meat boiled instead of sausages and smoked, cooled and cut into slices.

Further, the permitted method of cooking meat is roasting in the oven at a low temperature. Of course, without the crust.

If you want meat to bring the least harm, it should seize a large number of dining room greenery: dill, parsley, cilantro. Herbs has the property of actively cleanse the body of uric acid.

It can also drink natural dry wine (white or red). Natural grape and fruit acids contained in wine, contribute to the breakdown of meat proteins, and thus quicker digestion.