What kind of sponge it is worth to buy

Какую мочалку стоит купить

The doctors said that you need to pay attention to when choosing a sponge. Writes Newsmir.info referring to Hronika.info.

First, experts emphasized that a person should be two washcloths. One will serve you daily. But the second you need to use from time to time for the deep cleaning of the skin. Also important is that what made your washcloth. If you are not allergic to chemicals and artificial dyes, you can choose bath the subject of non-natural materials. This sponge is very easy to use and does not require additional care. The only rule – always let it to dry properly.

In addition, people often choose sponges made from natural materials. Mostly they are made from the skeletons of sea sponges, loofah, sisal, ramie, Terry cloth and other things. Such sponges in most cases are used to wash the face and neck. Their only drawback is high price and short duration of use. So, apply the washcloths can be no longer than 4 months. Because they are much more common than in synthetic plant pathogens.