What kind of trash? Camera Galaxy Note 20 for 100 thousand rubles misted itself

Что за трэш? Камера Galaxy Note 20 за 100 тысяч рублей запотевает сама по себе

What should be the smartphone for 100 thousand rubles? In my view, at least ideally. It should not have any flaws, and should have only advantages. Will not be a hypocrite and claim to brew me a Cup of coffee or wash the dishes – in the end, for this there is other equipment – but the high quality of the materials used, functionality and reliability – waiting for something. So when Samsung announced that the Galaxy Note classic 20 is a plastic, I began to doubt the adequacy of the Koreans. But the worst was yet to come.

Users complained that the camera of the Galaxy Note 20 fog up and interfere with the shooting

The owners of Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra began to complain of regular misting of the main camera, which begins to suffer the quality of the recording. Moreover, according to them, misted from all lenses. Fogging occurs not arbitrarily, but in situations when the smartphone goes from a cool space into a warm one. This happens, for example, if your smartphone is drawn from the conditioned space to the street. As a result, the protective glass of the camera condensation, and all the photos are as if in a fog.

Fog up the camera

Note the camera lens – they can see the condensation drops

Users who are faced with this problem, turned out to be quite a lot. However, for the most part it is the Koreans. Because to detect the relevant complaints – at least on the same scale – from all others to date have failed. May impact demand. In Korea, traditionally the Samsung smartphones are far more popular than the rest of the world. Therefore, those who are affected with the problem of condensation on the camera lens, in quantitative terms, among the Koreans was more.

The official position of Samsung, which is communicating with users through technical support, preferring not to make any public statements, is that the fogging of the lens – is the norm. The company explained the condensation temperature swings, which are smartphones when they enter the warm environment of their cool, and the company is not responsible for such cases. Therefore, if the user asks for warranty repair, they it will be denied.

Drops under the camera

Here are the blurred photos are on the camera misted Galaxy Note 20

Despite the fact that the condensate itself – it’s a natural phenomenon, the practice shows that in the case with smartphones it shouldn’t be. Anyway, none of my smartphone and the smartphones of my friends, too – didn’t sweat themselves. This undoubtedly happened after immersion into water, but it is at least understandable. But in fact arbitrary fogging the camera really raises doubts about the reliability of smartphones Galaxy Note 20, among which is the model for 100 thousand rubles.

What users can do? At first glance it may seem that nothing, because Samsung has already rejected disgruntled owners in warranty repairs. It is obvious that the company just don’t know to counter this problem. However, this does not mean that you are powerless here. In the apparent reluctance to use such a device, you can apply for the company to court, demanding conducting merchandising expertise, which will analyze your smartphone and came to the conclusion that the conditions of its operation is not disturbed, is likely to recognize your right.

Что за трэш? Камера Galaxy Note 20 за 100 тысяч рублей запотевает сама по себе

Что за трэш? Камера Galaxy Note 20 за 100 тысяч рублей запотевает сама по себе

Что за трэш? Камера Galaxy Note 20 за 100 тысяч рублей запотевает сама по себе