What language are receiving education the majority of pupils in Ukraine – 24 Channel

Якою мовою здобуває освіту більшість школярів в Україні - 24 Канал

According to the President of Petro Poroshenko, 91% of students studying in educational institutions in the Ukrainian language.

About the guarantor, said during the solemn events on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the society “Prosvita” in Lviv.

“No wonder education is very consonant with the word education. The proportion of pupils who receive education in the Ukrainian language, now at last is 91%, and what will happen in the future?” – said Poroshenko.

He also stressed that the current “first-graders” already studying under the program “New Ukrainian school”. For it 95% of the school material is taught in the state language.

Features of the program “New Ukrainian school”For students. Students have many group assignments and practice the morning’s discussion in circles. So the kids come together and not fear each other – in such circumstances, knowledge is assimilated easily and, in particular, the students learn to communicate and to think critically. Children will study 12 years, the last three on the profile.

For teachers. Teachers were given more freedom in the choice of teaching methods and the number of hours prideleny a particular topic. So, if children do not fully learned the material, you can devote more hours to study. There is a possibility of something to go faster if the students have learned.

The results of the pilot schools. In Ukraine, 100 schools introduced the NSE in 2017. A survey of teachers and parents of first graders showed that children who completed the first class under the new program not only mastered all the necessary knowledge, but also had the best psychological condition and more friendly relations with classmates.

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