What laptop is the CEO of Lenovo in Ukraine: exclusive interview

Каким ноутбуком пользуется гендиректор Lenovo в Украине: эксклюзивное интервью

In December 2018, Lenovo held a presentation in Ukraine of its new notebook-transformer YOGA Book C930. In addition, in November, the manufacturer is again the leader in the PC market.

Lenovo has some famous lines that are in a great demand among the users: YOGA Book, ThinkPad and Legion. Each of these products has its audience, but what is indisputable is the fact that all owners of this product are satisfied with its quality.

Techno 24 was able to talk with the CEO of Lenovo in Ukraine Taras Jamalov and learn about the most successful products of the company.

What laptop do you use? And why did you choose it?

Here I a story to tell. We can assume that I in life was lucky, because I started dreaming about the ThinkPad laptop is still many years before I started working at Lenovo. In the end, when I started working with Lenovo for me at my office on was a ThinkPad notebook series the “T”. It weighed about 3 kilos and was very resistant to any external influences, but not completely practical at the time to travel. And I’m a person who loves frequent trips and a laptop were I not always convenient.

In 2011, Lenovo for the first time in its history came in second place in the world in PC sales – and in honor of this staged among the employees of all offices in the world photo contest: who will make the inetersno photo in honor of this event, with the number 2, he will receive a gift.

Каким ноутбуком пользуется гендиректор Lenovo в Украине: эксклюзивное интервью

Taras Jamalov told me what laptop he uses / Photo: Techno 24

I am fond of skydiving (parachute jump) and took a photo in flight in the background of the plane with the company logo in one hand and showing the number two with the other hand. For the victory in this contest I gave the laptop ThinkPad X1. I immediately appreciated how this series is suitable for me. Because it is thin, lightweight, fast charging laptop is for someone who leads an active lifestyle, who often works at the same place, who often flies, drives and so on. And since for the past many years I use only this series – ThinkPad X1 and now I have a ThinkPad X1 Carbon.

Already released the sixth generation of these laptops, but I use the previous generation simply because they have not had time to change. But I am 100% pleased with the laptop that I have because it is very thin. I travel a lot, particularly on the bike, and for me the amount of things are critically important. If the laptop is twice as thick, it means that I have some things will take less.

In addition, it easy is more important during the flight. It is a day of work without recharging, so leaving home or work somewhere to appointments, and sometimes even on business trips, I don’t take a charger. It charges very quickly from the mains 220 or 110 Volts. In fact, from 0% to 80%, it is charged for 40 minutes. It is very important during connecting flights, where there is only an hour and a half at the airport and then again a long flight.

Каким ноутбуком пользуется гендиректор Lenovo в Украине: эксклюзивное интервью

The laptop ThinkPad X1 Carbon gen 6

Plus, since this is a ThinkPad it is resistant to damage. I’ve dropped more than once. I have in June there was an accident in Armenia on a motorcycle: it is in the box, which was on the laptop, drove the car. The box, of course, shattered, but the laptop is alive, healthy and all good.

Another of the benefits of this series – all the classic security: access by fingerprint, the encryption module, which will allow not to worry about data loss if I lose the laptop. So for me, the ideal laptop for many years – for ThinkPad X1 Carbon.

Lenovo has its own line for gamers. Do PCs and laptops in this series popular in Ukraine?

If the answer to the question, the answer is Yes and no. Because you have touched laptops, and desktops. Laptops in the gaming segment, we sell quite massively since the beginning of this year. And I have full confidence that by the end of the year we will be # 1 company in the segment of gaming laptops.

As for gaming desktops, we only Jan planning a massive supply of this equipment. That is, in the gaming desktops we can say to the current time, we almost did not have. Was only represented by a separate model, which in single quantities supplied to Ukraine in order to understand demand, understand how our Ukrainian citizens willing to purchase such devices.

Каким ноутбуком пользуется гендиректор Lenovo в Украине: эксклюзивное интервью

Laptops Lenovo Legion is popular for Ukrainian gamers

We are convinced that this is what you need, we got great reviews from gamers, including those at our event, which we held in September – Lenovo gaming tournament League Legion. Now we are sure that desktops and also can get large distribution and popularity in Ukraine. So from January we will start the conquest of these segments.

That is the answer: we are just starting desktops, laptops we already leaders in Ukraine.

Can you name the most successful product of Lenovo?

There is a very large question, how you define success. We are struggling on the last few years to go from absolute quantitative estimates, because almost always it will be predictable what product most sell.

Three successful segment, which I would have said for the past 2018: the first is ThinkPad – laptops for our small, medium and large businesses. And we this year showed the growth of this business in Ukraine year-on-year by more than two times. That is, we are definitely the fastest growing in this segment of vendor. But it’s hard to say we are in first place or only here find.

The second segment, which is for us a matter of pride, it’s gaming, actually gaming laptops. Because, as we discussed earlier, we have quite a big success despite the fact that we’re the youngest vendor among all manufacturers of gaming laptops. And in Ukraine we have shown such progress.

Каким ноутбуком пользуется гендиректор Lenovo в Украине: эксклюзивное интервью

Taras Jamalov told about the most successful products of Lenovo

And the third segment, which for us is also a matter of pride that Convertible laptops is a series of YOGA. Three or four years ago, when this segment was in its infancy, there was a format war. We were the pioneers of this format Convertible when the notebook is folded around one of the axes. Other vendors were more inclined to see the keyboard need to detach from the screen.

After 3-4 years and we can all safely say who won and who was right. That is, today, all vendors produce laptops in a format Convertible PC and the devices which disconnect the keyboard, went to a very small niche and there are sales all over the world are single. And, accordingly, our YOGA is also a matter of pride, because that’s what YOGA showed the world how a laptop could be more comfortable than he was before.

And what about the smartphone market?

It’s hard for me to comment, because I don’t have all the data on hand. Terms structure of the company our business of smartphones worldwide and in Ukraine, including in a separate structural unit. That is, I don’t run this business, do not have access to detailed records of what and how it happens. For this I look at it is almost the same as that of any expert of the market of mobile communication.

Several years ago I bought the Motorola Mobile division from Google. The process of mergers and acquisitions, the company is always difficult. So, as far as I know, right now our share in the smartphone market is quite small – we call this proportion the “single digit” – share measured in a single number. More detailed data I can give, unfortunately, I can’t because I just don’t have.

What are the prospects C930 YOGA Book on the Ukrainian market?

Among the creative people who paint who are addicted to graphics device will definitely be popular. Question – how many of such people in the country. We are talking about Ukraine with those macroeconomic factors that we can observe in our economy.

Каким ноутбуком пользуется гендиректор Lenovo в Украине: эксклюзивное интервью

Lenovo held a Grand presentation of YOGA Book C930 in Ukraine

This device, which is not as basic laptop. We do make an effort to make the purchase for everyone. We will provide them the opportunity to borrow and read YOGA Book C930, so they understand they need or need. Probably there will be more discounts or we will hold contests to people who clearly see that this will help their creativity, we have helped more with his hand.

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