What made easy with a modern smartphone in the world?

Из чего сделан самый легкий современный смартфон в мире?

We will focus on Carbon 1 Mk II. The development of a device engaged in Carbon Mobile is a German company. And as you may have guessed, the phone is made of carbon fiber.

The contents

  • 1 What is carbon fiber?
  • 2 Capacity of battery is very light and thin modern smartphone
  • 3 the Most repairable smartphone?
  • 4 Price and start of sales of Carbon 1 Mk II
  • 5 Phone with carbon body

What is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is carbon fiber. The material is made of interwoven strands of carbon fiber. It is characterized by high strength, rigidity and low weight. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel, but much lighter. In terms of specific characteristics, it is superior to high-strength steel.

The phone weighs just 125 grams and its thickness is 6.3 mm. Our colleagues from androidauthority have managed to use the gadget. “When I use the camera, seems to lack some important details in it,” is the impression on them Carbon 1 Mk II. The phone is really very easy despite the fact that the diagonal is 6 inches. By the way, the screen is made by technology AMOLED, a processor in the apparatus MediaTek P90, RAM 8 GB, and built-in 128 GB.

The phone is equipped with dual 16-Megapixel camera and a 20 MP front, frame in the Mk II, As you can see, big enough for 2020, but they even seem unusual, angular the screen, surprisingly, even attractive. And now, after some time with modern phones, I want to use the device with a conventional display – all these rounded cuts seem to be not very effective in the use of valuable space.

Let’s compare the weight with modern flagships. Galaxy S20 Ultra submitted on February 11, weighs 222 grams, and the iPhone 11 194 grams, and this despite the fact that the iPhone screen size is 6.1 inches, which is almost identical to the 6 inch Mk II. In addition, due to the lack of cutouts and a blocky screen MK II will offer the user more usable space.

The capacity of the battery is very light and thin modern smartphone

Carbon 1 MK II weighing in at 125 grams and 6.3 millimeter thickness offers the battery is 3050 mAh, which I think is a decent result. Coupled with the AMOLED, you can count on a day of active use. Out of the box the phone runs on Android 10, and its a nice feature in question thickness can become a special glass Gorilla Glass 6 with a thickness of 0.4 mm. The glass maker made a special version for this machine. For example, the standard protective glass has a thickness of 0.6-0.8 millimeters.

The most repairable smartphone?

That’s not the only thing beautiful Mk II. It has excellent maintainability and the manufacturer expects that the phone will get 9 points out of 10 in the test iFixit.

Price and start of sales of Carbon 1 Mk II

Sales of the device will start in late spring or summer of this year at a price of 799 euros. Of course, many people might find that price too high, but, on the contrary, he is quite good, considering that it is a young company, and it is difficult enough today to release the device when you are not sure about its future. Not every Chinese electronics manufacturer willing to produce small batch, and if they agree, then it makes a lot of money, so Carbon was so expensive. The question of use is not very relevant CPU here, in my opinion, concerns the problems with deliveries. Probably, this variant allowed to make acceptable for Europeans, the cost.

Phone with carbon body

For example, I don’t know of such devices, but remember the Razr I, which was used until then, until it is stolen from me. Probably someone thought it Kevlar case is very premium. Here be hurt when they find out I bought it on Aliexpress for only 5 thousand rubles. Phone for the money offered really premium content, and I still wonder why the manufacturers have abandoned such decisions, even in the hands of such a device feels nice.

Из чего сделан самый легкий современный смартфон в мире?

Из чего сделан самый легкий современный смартфон в мире?

Из чего сделан самый легкий современный смартфон в мире?

Из чего сделан самый легкий современный смартфон в мире?