What malfunctions in the body indicates a snore

На какие сбои в организме указывает храп

Scientists from Australia found that people suffering from snoring, have big problems with memory.

The scientists asked 44 volunteers with apnoea (absence of breathing during sleep – ed.) and 44 healthy person to remember their childhood, adolescence and recent past.

Among the first group to play good memories could only 18,9%, and among second – 53,3%, according to the results of the study.

Lack of snoring and sleep apnea is characterized by interrupted breathing during sleep. People may not breathe for several seconds, and these episodes all night sometimes a few hundred. This is a serious lack of oxygen, and much injurious to health.

The findings of scientists confirmed a brain scan.

“Patients with sleep apnea lose a lot of gray matter in areas associated with memory about himself”, – said the doctor Melinda Jackson.