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Які ліки надаються безкоштовно при лікуванні у стаціонарі - 24 Канал

Ukrainians can obtain free medicines and medical device, vaccine and serum inpatient treatment.

This was told in the press service of the Ministry of health.

Patients have the right to free medicines against common diseases during treatment at the hospital.

All hospitals are required to have medicines of the Basic list of essential medicines of the world health organization, which included 427 safe and really work active ingredients (more than thousands of medicines from different manufacturers) from common diseases.


In Naperechet entered medicine from cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, chronic kidney disease, and the like.

For patients who are being treated in hospital, medication with Nacirema free for the entire period of treatment,
– noted in the MINISTRY of health.

How to check medicines against the most common diseases in the hospital

1. On the Bulletin boards in health care institutions that weekly needs to update the list of medicines, consumables, medical devices on the Bulletin boards.

2. On the official web-sites of regional departments and offices

3. In the mobile application “Medication Control”.

Drugs that entered Nacirema, can be viewed at the link.


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