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Які природні явища небезпечні для очей - 24 Канал

Some natural events can pose a danger to the organs of sight, it is therefore important to wear protective equipment.

Prolonged exposure to these events can cause illness and infection, says Opticclub.

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1. Changes in atmospheric pressure

This affects the blood pressure in the human body, which leads to failures in the eyes. It is especially dangerous for someone with weak arteries.

Які природні явища небезпечні для очей - 24 Канал
Changes in atmospheric pressure

2. The wind

With the wind in the eyes can get fine powder, that is, the bacteria that is causing inflammation in the eyes.

3. Sunlight

The sun’s rays can cause the development of cataracts – lens opacity, which can be cured with surgical intervention.

Які природні явища небезпечні для очей - 24 Канал

4. Intense heat

These weather conditions can cause conjunctivitis and blepharitis, using favourable for microbes conditions. The heat dries up the mucous eyes and can cause dry eye syndrome.

By the way, American scientists conducted an experiment and found which color of light can adversely affect vision.

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