What not to do immediately after a meal

Что нельзя делать сразу после приема пищи

After eating always want to lie down and rest, but it is not recommended. By the way, there is a long list of what not to do after eating to be healthy and not gain weight. Surely someone told you that after eating you can drink water. Yes? And they were absolutely right. I wonder why? This writes healthystyle.info.

Eat fruits

Fruit eaten after a main meal, connect with her and begin to ferment and sour. This disrupts digestion. Nutritionists recommend eating fruit 1 hour before meals or 2 hours after.


Water is not recommended to drink during meals and after. And all because it dissolves the gastric juice and, leaving the stomach before the food kills the enzymes necessary for its digestion. Ideally, drink water 40 minutes before eating.

Shower and bath

Another “impossible” is a hot shower. Generally it is best to take it an hour after eating, because it increases blood flow to the hands and feet. The blood flow to the stomach decreases. Digestion slows down, pain in the stomach.


After a meal and NAP, but it is not worth it. First, sleep is disturbing, because at this time your stomach will work intensively.Second, scientists from the medical school of the University of Ioannina conducted a study which revealed that people who did not go to sleep after eating, had a lower risk of stroke.


Smoking physicians do not recommend at all, but if you can’t get rid of this addiction, then at least don’t do it after eating.Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood, which leads to spasm of blood vessels. Thus, disrupted digestive tract, which leads to failures throughout the body. Smoking after a meal often causes abdominal pain, not food, as some people think.

photo: pixabay.com