What not to do in Odessa: TOP 5 taboo

Чего не стоит делать в Одессе: ТОП-5 табу

Odessa – picturesque city of contrasts. If you are in Odessa, you need to know exactly what not to do in the city in any case.

Take note as soon as possible. After all this summer due to closed borders you just go there in search of relaxation and sea.

To search for housing on the site

Because very soon there will begin a peak season, finding accommodation is already in place in Odessa will be very problematic. Besides, it will cost you ten times more expensive. If you want not to experience discomfort during your trip, book accommodation in advance. It is better to give preference to apartments. They are also cheaper than a hotel room, and more practical.

Relax on Boom

Langeron – the most popular beach in Odessa. That is why there is sure to be a crowd of tourists that will not let you relax on vacation. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, please note on the more remote bits of Odessa, who are not as acquainted with sophisticated tourists.

Go for a walk in the centre at the weekend

Of course, walk along Deribassovskaya street, the Central street of Odessa, just necessary. But better to do it in the weekend or early in the morning or on weekdays. The fact is that due to its popularity, this street is rarely empty. Which means you have to divide square meters with a dozen tourists.

Inadvertently go to Privoz

Though Odessa and beautiful city, but you need to remember that there is still enough of pickpockets. Especially in such crowded places as markets. On the supply often inhabited by thieves, who only dream how to grab your wallet. Do not give them a chance to do it. Be sure to watch your belongings.

To use private taxi

With the advent of Uber and Bolt the number of taxi drivers-private traders diminished. And yet they are still there. And in Odessa they are much more than in other cities. Besides the fact that they can drive you at too high a rate, they are still not always monitor the safety of the passengers during the ride. Which leads to the accident. If you don’t want to get into such a situation, use reliable taxi services.