What not to fear when buying a car with mileage

Чего не надо бояться при покупке машины с пробегом

Choosing a used car, we find ourselves in the power of stereotypes and use somewhere heard the instructions, although in reality they may not be suitable to the situation.

When buying a car on the secondary market, not everyone has enough experience to at-a-glance assessment of the technical condition of the vehicle. So you have to use the advice of friends and relatives. And they often declare a long-established formula applies on average to the set of machines. But often these stereotypes fail, and a good option at a low price out to another buyer. From what false judgment is possible to get rid of?

Only buy with a mileage of less than 100 thousand kilometers

The less mileage a car has, the better. However, in some cases, small numbers on the odometer may indicate imminent problems. For example, the average annual mileage of car in Moscow is 15-25 thousand kilometers. If ten-year-old car for sale with mileage in 55-75 thousand km, that is a risk that the odometer twisted. And if it isn’t, so she drove at low speeds in the city centre and spent time in traffic jams.

At a relatively low mileage machine could produce lifespan much more than cars, ride outside the city. And when driving in urban traffic the engine often overheats, causing the oil should be changed every 7000 km, not 15,000 km as is prescribed for moderate conditions. Of course, this is not done, motors in cars with small runs often charred.

In addition, if the owner serviced the car at authorized dealers and dutifully carried out maintenance, then it should make on the mileage 120 thousand km comprehensive machine maintenance, including changing belts, brake pads, candles and other expensive consumables. Therefore, in some cases it is preferable to buy a car with a mileage of more than 120 thousand km of suburban streets than with low mileage in Moscow.

Need to buy a fully painted car

Body work is a very important process, to cope with which skilled craftsmen. Unfortunately, for coloring often are the hacks that even a small scratch can fix that in a few years the paint will fade, the plaster will crack and begin to fall off, and under it will open the rusted metal. In General, it is better to buy a car with scratched sides and native factory paint, than with the repaired part of the body. Then you can see how deep the damage caused. The more that such machines are sold with big discount. And then you can refer to the proven masters and do the car by itself.

The duplicate title should be afraid of fire

Buyers tend not to take the car with the replaced title. They are afraid of criminal cases, or cars that are pledged to the banks. Often the dealers acquire cars written off after accidents, recover somehow and sell it with new documents.

Here we must look, for some reason, changed the TCP. If it is issued because of loss, something really great chance encounter with a troubled car. And if a duplicate title issued because of the disposal of the old, as there is a stamp in the passport, then buy a car. This means that it is often resold or passed additional registration in the traffic police, for example, because of frequent changes of residence of the owner. PTS all fields were filled, and had to issue a new form.

The “outbid” not to take

This stereotype really has a good reason. Small dealers often sell dubious cars with twisted mileage and other “improvements.” However, the used machinery market is changing, and he leaves the big players are trying to compensate for losses from the stagnation of the market of new cars. Large dealer network sell the car, put in a trade-in, and offer interesting specimens. So here you have to separate the “bought” from the really serious sellers.

You can’t take cars from corporate parks

Now the market went the cars, journey three years in the car sharing and corporate parks. They are sold in connection with the expiration of warranty service and, as a rule, have low mileage, as the perimeter of their use is limited to the city. These machines are timely serviced from authorized dealers and dutifully repaired under warranty, if detected unplanned failure. In addition, they are sold at a discount. Therefore, in some cases, these machines can even be in better condition than private owners. However, these recommendations do not apply to cars of a taxi. They do exploit for wear. Often in the day a taxi is 500 kilometers and more.

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